tar Wars: The High Republic Phase II took us in an unexpected direction after the conclusion of Phase I. It took us back in time. Like the Skywalker Saga, The High Republic went with prequel stories after its initial entry. Phase I began in 232 BBY (about 200 years before The Phantom Menace), and Phase II goes another 150 years back to 382 BBY.

It is not quite the galaxy we knew at the time of Light of the Jedi. The Outer Rim is much less connected, with many of the worlds falling outside the reach of the Republic. Hyperspace routes are still actively being charted, and communications that far out are unreliable at best. Additionally, the Republic is currently led by a dual-chancellorship, with human Chancellor Kyong Grelark and Quarren Chancellor Orlen Mollo.

The Phase consists of 6 novels, several comic series and miniseries, short stories, and even a manga volume. This guide will walk you through all the major events from this part of the era. It will not be fully comprehensive and is no substitute for enjoying the stories yourself. Still, hopefully it can serve as a supplement for those who want it. By its nature, you can expect FULL STORY SPOILERS ahead.

The Factions of Phase II

The Republic

The dual election of Chancellors Greylark and Mollo was a unique scenario. The Senate believed their individual talents would pair well together in order to lead the galaxy. Greylark is just one of many influential figureheads from her Coruscanti family. Greylark mainly stayed in the Core when governing. While Greylark was very by-the-book, Mollo was a bit looser in his approach. The Quarren enjoyed leading on the move aboard his Longbeam ship, the Paxion.

The Jedi Order

The Jedi Order largely looks as it was during Phase I. The High Council on Coruscant is different, but we only see a little of the group during these stories. Yoda still sits on the Council, even back then. Outside of the Council, we also see the familiar face of Master Yaddle. There are many other important Jedi during this Phase, which we will discuss when we get to the story summary.

The Pathfinders

The Pathfinders were a unique group during this era. Hyperspace routes were still being actively charted. The work was dangerous but necessary to link the galaxy. Private families, like the San Tekkas and Grafs, raced to try and chart the routes and privatize them in order to turn a profit. Meanwhile, the Pathfinders were the public counterpart in this race. The Pathfinders were commonly composed of Republic workers, a few assigned Jedi, and a complement of droids suited for exploration and communication. 

The Path of the Open Hand

The Path of the Open Hand is one of the main forces opposing the Jedi during this era. The Path lives on the Outer Rim world of Dalna when we begin the Phase. They are a somewhat nontraditional religious group that believes any manipulation of the Force is equivalent to heresy. They think any use of the Force will tip the scales of balance and lead to disaster somewhere else in the galaxy. Their common mantra is “the Force will be free”.

The Path is led mainly by The Mother (Elecia Zeveron) and The Herald (Werth Plouth). On the surface, they are peaceful. However, The Mother has much more nefarious plans for them. In addition to the leaders, two very important followers of the Path include Evereni cousins Yana Ro and Marda Ro.

The Convocation of the Force

At this time in the galaxy, the pilgrim moon of Jedha is much more alive than we see in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Jedha is a neutral world, outside the Republic’s jurisdiction and is home to many Force sects. The Jedi are just one of many groups that work in harmony (mostly). Other factions include the Disciples of the Whills, the Fallanassi, the Sorcerers of Tund, the Church of the Force, and the Lonto.

All these groups have a representative sitting on a council within the holy city, known as the Convocation of the Force. At the outset of the story, the Jedi representative to the Convocation is Selonian Jedi Master Leebon.

Eiram and E’ronoh

Likely against their wishes, these two planets are lumped together. Although first introduced in Phase I, Eiram and E’ronoh play a much more significant role in this Phase. The two planets share a moon, which they cannot even agree on the name of. The two planets have been engaged in a war on and off again for centuries. It is known to them as the Forever War.

Despite being so close to each other, the two planets are starkly different geologically. Eiram is a planet dominated by a salty sea. Meanwhile, E’ronoh is covered in desert. The two planets are under monarchical rule. The current rulers are older and set in their ways, but the heirs of the planets are the key to the future. Eirami Prince Phan-tu Zenn and E’roni Princess Xiri A’lbaran hope to see their worlds rise above the conflict and create a better world for all their people.

The Incident on Dalna

At the story’s start, Jedi Zallah Macri and her Padawan Kevmo Zink are dispatched to the remote planet of Dalna to investigate a lead on an artifact stolen from the Hynestian royal family. There, the Jedi become acquainted with The Path of the Open Hand, led by The Mother and The Herald. Kevmo is a very affable young Jedi and does his best to learn about the Path and help their followers while the investigation is ongoing.

Although the Path commune seems normal, much more is happening under the surface. Nowhere can this dichotomy be seen more plainly than through Yana and Marda Ro. Yana serves as a member of the Mother’s Children, who steal Force artifacts under the guise of proselytizing. Marda watches over the younglings and teaches them in the way of the Path back on Dalna. Even though Kevmo’s use of the Force puts off the devout Marda, as it flies in the face of the Path’s teachings, the two fall for each other while on Dalna.

Elsewhere, Yana and the Children, including her girlfriend Kor (daughter of The Herald), go on a mission to the Graf homeworld of Thelj to steal their next artifact. However, the group is double-crossed by The Mother, and only Yana escapes alive.

Eventually, the Jedi investigation comes to a head, and they confront The Mother. However, she had earlier received a special gem from the prospector, Sunshine Dobbs, which hatches to reveal the Leveler. The Leveler kills the two Jedi. 

The Mother has been selling stolen artifacts in secret to fund the construction of the Gaze Electric, a large starcruiser for the Path. She lies to her followers, saying the money came from benefactors who believed in their cause. The Path has to leave Dalna in order to evade any consequences from the death of the Jedi. Luckily, the Gaze Electric was ready to go. Yana secures one of the Nameless rods, which allows her to control the Leveler. In order to maintain her grip on the group, The Mother appointed Yana as the Leveler’s Champion and Marda as the Guide of the Path. 

The group escapes Dalna and sets their sights on the pilgrim moon of Jedha. Fellow Jedi Azlin Rael comes to check on his two compatriots after some time, but the compound is empty when he arrives. All he finds are the husks of what once were Kevmo and Zallah left in the dust.

The Forever War

Shortly after the events on Dalna, we move over to Eiram and E’ronoh. The two planets are still locked in a brutal war. They share a moon, and the exit out of hyperspace lies directly between the two. Chancellor Mollo, as well as a team of Jedi including Gella Nattai and Padawan Enya Keen, attempt to engage in peace talks between the two worlds. Negotiations are tense, and it does not seem like a peaceful outcome is likely. Then the heirs, Phan-tu Zenn and Xiri A’lbaran, propose a new way forward. The two will get married in order to broker peace.

The two sides agree and put a ceasefire into place. The heirs then set out on a mission to mend the two worlds’ relationship. A large amount of the fighting has been occurring on the surface of E’ronoh. So, they travel across the planet to spread the news and distribute aid to those in need. They are joined in their mission by Jedi Nattai, as well as the son of Chancellor Greylark, Axel.

The aid mission is not without conflict. Many groups do not wish to stop fighting. Xiri is challenged to a duel over her position in the royal family, and Phan-tu is anointed by fire in an encounter with the native thylefire scorpions of E’ronoh. On Eiram, Phan-tu discovers his mothers have engaged in war crimes. They have been developing chemical weapons in a secret lab to unleash upon E’ronoh. 

Eventually, we arrive at the wedding, but it, of course, is met with conflict. Mercenaries break up the event and a battle breaks out. The Mother also has a hand to play in the chaos, stoking the flames through her secret proxy Axel.

After the battle, Axel is arrested for his involvement and sent off to prison. The two parties decide to engage in a formal treaty process after the marriage is finalized and choose the neutral moon of Jedha as the location of their peace talks. After considering the path the Force has laid out for her, Gella Nattai petitions the Council to become a Wayseeker.

The Battle of Jedha

For clarity, the audio drama The Battle of Jedha discusses many of the events here. However, this section discusses the battle itself, which appears in several other stories, and not just the audio drama itself.

After the foregoing events, all parties begin to converge on Jedha. Newly arrived Jedi Vildar Mac and Padawan Matthea Cathey have just started investigating disappearing artifacts in the holy city, teaming up with unlikely partner (and former Guardian of the Whills) Tey Sirrek.

Eiram and E’ronoh begin to arrive with their parties for the negotiations. Rather than send the heirs or monarchs, both planets send an ambassador. The process is set to be mediated by a member of the San Tekka family, with assistance from Church of the Force member Keth Cerepath and Jedi Creighton Sun and Aida Forte.

However, the treaty was not to be. Chaos erupts around the city as multiple buildings are bombed. The planets are quick to blame each other and tensions rise. The Path of the Open Hand, now with an active presence in the city, also do their part to stoke the flames. The Herald petitions the Convocation of the Force that they must ban active use of the Force and sets the Leveler off in the city square outside.

The bombing kills the San Tekka mediator, and The Mother attempts to use a Graf under her influence to take his place. Battle droids are also sent through the streets as things get more dire.

While on Jedha, Yana and The Herald (after their incident at the Convocation) attempt to recover another Nameless rod hidden near the holy city. They end up coming to the Jedi statue outside the city limits. A mob topples the statue to reveal a secret vault. The pair gravely wounds Jedi Oliviah Zeveron and kills Master Leebon. The second rod is recovered, but Vildar and Tey arrive on the scene. Initially, Vildar is overwhelmed by the presence of the Leveler — however, Tey steps in with a Sith gauntlet to fight back.

After Tey goes down, Vildar takes up the gauntlet to continue the fight. In the fray, the two rods are split, and Yana runs out with one of them and the Leveler to assist The Mother and Marda in the city. Defeated, The Herald is jailed by the Guardians of the Whills, who take possession of the other rod.

At this point, most parties began to retreat. The Path (minus The Herald) heads out on the Gaze Electric. Eiram and E’ronoh’s contingencies evacuate, with one ambassador dying in the battle. Those remaining try to rebuild, as Vildar becomes the Jedi representative to the Convocation after the loss of Master Leebon.

Despite the setback, The Mother still has plans. She uses The Herald as a scapegoat, saying he was a rogue actor and the Path had nothing but good intentions. She then donates a massive sum of money to help rebuild the city in order to win over favor. She leaves Yana behind to recover the remaining rod in possession of the Guardians of the Whills. 

Unbeknownst to Vildar, The Mother had a mole on the inside. Yana was able to work her way into the prison. Her and The Herald grab the rod from their inside man and kill him. They escape and head to Dalna to meet up with the fleeing Path.

The Night of Sorrow (aka Battle of Dalna)

After the fallout of The Battle of Jedha, everyone falls back to Dalna. The Path arrives first, and several separate groups of Jedi come to investigate over the coming days.

Since the previous events on Dalna, Azlin Rael has been determined to find out what happened to Kevmo and Zallah. While on Coruscant, he dives deep into the archives, looking for clues in the adventures of Jedi legend Barnabus Vim. 

Vim, who lived well before even the time of Phase II, once visited a planet that had lost touch with the galaxy. There, he and his Padawan found a citadel run by a seemingly benevolent Queen. Strangely, everyone there had unexplained, unique powers resembling the Force. Vim eventually discovered that they came from a corrupting, dark side crystal. The Jedi managed to break it and its hold on the people. The two Jedi split up, determined to take the remaining two crystal shards and keep them separately hidden away.

Meanwhile, in the present story, tensions are high between Eiram and E’ronoh. Little time has passed since the failed talks on Jedha. Xiri and Phan-Tu intercept a Path operative trying to stoke the flames of war with a biological weapon. They thwart the plot, but Phan-tu is gravely wounded in the process and one of the Path members, Binnot Ullo, escapes. Determined to get to the bottom of the situation, Xiri heads to Dalna with Jedi Char-Ryl Roy and his padawan Enya Keen to investigate. Unbeknownst to them, Phan-tu stows away on their ship.

While on a mission with fellow Jedi Orin Darhga, Gella checks up on Axel in prison. He appears quite ill from the conditions there. While on the prison planet, Gella receives a transmission from the Core ordering his transfer, and they take it upon themselves to carry it out. However, they don’t realize it is a trick. At this point, The Path has been hijacking many communication relays across the Outer Rim, enabling them to send false messages. A Path ship intercepts them and takes Axel back to see The Mother.

Back at the Path compound on Dalna, The Mother rebukes Marda and blames her for the failure at Jedha. Feeling frustrated in her place in the organization and shaky in her faith, Marda steals away with Sunshine Dobbs, who was sent to retrieve more Nameless eggs from Planet X.

Next, Creighton Sun and Aide Forte are dispatched from Coruscant, along with two of Chancellor Greylark’s guards, in an effort to be covert on Dalna. On the way there, they join up with Master Yaddle and a youngling named Cippa.

Gella and Orin arrive on Dalna in order to confront Axel. They sneak into the Path caves but end up getting captured. They face off with Binnot Ullo, who poisons and kills Orin, while Gella gets locked away. Axel calls for his mother, Chancellor Greylark, to meet him on Dalna. The Mother hopes to use her connection with Axel to pull the strings of galactic politics. Kyong Greylark does decide to come, but relinquishes her chancellorship first and is joined by Master Yoda. 

Sun and Forte, who have begun their investigation, sneak into the caves, unaware of Gella’s presence. They find a victim of the Leveler and briefly feel its effects.

Yana returns with The Herald, who she initially hides away. She lies to the Path, saying he died in prison. The two are motivated by the death of Kor (Yana’s girlfriend and The Herald’s daughter) and find themselves in a tenuous partnership. Yana returns to the Path compound, gives the rod to The Mother, and demands to see Marda, who is still off-world. 

Jedi Oliviah Zeveron and Padawan Matthea Cathley also arrive from Jedha to see what caused the terror on their moon. They also team up with several members of the Jedi Council, including fellow Jedi Azlin Rell.

While on her mission, Marda falls in love with fellow Path member Bokana. They are on Sunshine’s ship, one of three headed to Planet X. The tumultuous veil above the planet destroys one of them and Sunshine’s ship has a heavy crash landing. The survivors find the Silverstreak, a ship left behind on Sunshine’s previous journey. Leaving a small party behind to get the Silverstreak spaceworthy, everyone else ventured into the canyons to find eggs. 

Once there, they encounter a terrible creature known as the Under-Dweller. They run out of the caves with their clutch of eggs, with the Under-Dweller chasing them down. As they climb out of the canyon, another creature (the Protector) emerges to fight the Under-Dweller. Bokana ultimately sacrifices himself to make sure the rest escape.

Most of the eggs end up on the second ship, while the Silverstreak narrowly escapes with a handful. However, the ships struggle to escape the veil, and only the Silverstreak makes it through thanks to a special hyperspace jump the engineer, Shea Ganandra, plots. The other ship is presumed to be lost.

When Marda returns to the Mother with the eggs, she is driven to further zealotry by her experience on Planet X. She no longer wants to be peaceful in her beliefs and converts those around her to the Path of the Closed Fist. The Herald praises this change, and the Mother joins along as well, though they are driven more by their desire to remain in power rather than genuine belief.

Yana attempts to speak reason to her cousin, but has her hand chopped off by Marda, armed with Kevmo’s saber. The Path of the Closed Fist goes out and battles erupt everywhere, backed up by artillery and war droids purchased by the Mother. The new Nameless eggs hatch and the herd of monsters runs out to confront the Jedi. 

Meanwhile, Axel is pushed into battle by his friend Binnot Ullo. However, he eventually is struck by an explosion and left for dead. He manages to crawl away and free Gella from her cell, completing his change of heart. The two emerge from the caves just in time for Kyong Greylark to find them just as she arrives from Coruscant. The pair runs into the caves to take down Binot. They manage to succeed and escape the caves with some help from Master Yoda.

Yaddle, Creighton, Aida, Char-Ryl Roy, and Enya do their best to weather the onslaught on the surface. However, the fighting has become extreme. One of the Chancellor’s guards goes down, and Cippa, originally hidden away, is pressed into battle. Meanwhile, Xiri and Phan-Tu hop in a decrepit starfighter and jump to lightspeed, hoping to summon help. Although they end up crashing out of hyperspace, they manage to get a hold of Chancellor Mollo in their home system, and the two planets decide to come together and send in reinforcements to Dalna.

In the fight on the surface of Dalna, casualties are all around. Aida falls in the firefight, the Nameless kills Char-Ryl Roy, and Creighton Sun is gravely wounded. As the battle dies down, the Jedi fall back to set up medic camps.

Yana tries to flee and get off-world but is torn by seeing the Path Littles sent to spread detonators throughout the cave system. She goes back to get them to safety and runs into Marda. She is able to talk Marda down, using her love for the Littles. Marda soon realizes the Nameless are indiscriminately attacking those connected to the Force, even members of the Path with latent Force abilities. She ends up detonating the tunnels, killing all but the main Leveler. The explosion opens up a massive sinkhole on the surface.

The Jedi have The Herald and Mother in custody. They learn that the Mother and Oliviah are sisters, that The Mother is Force sensitive, and that she has been using her powers to influence those around her. But before they can find out more, Marda kills The Mother with her remaining half of the rod and the Leveler.

Yana and Marda go separate ways once and for all. Each walks away with half of the rod, though Marda is unaware Yana has the other. Marda takes her half to the Gaze Electric with the Leveler, determined to rediscover the proper way to pursue her dream for the Force. Yana returns to the Silverstreak and escapes with the engineer that went on the Planet X mission and plotted the hyperspace jump, Shea Ganandra, who is pregnant. If she has a daughter, she will be named Mari, while a potential son would be named Geth.

In the end, the Jedi are shaken by the experience, Azlin Rell most of all. Due to the disorienting effects of the Nameless, none of them seem to know what caused them to lose their ability to use the Force. Matty Cathey was the most certain of them and believed it was the rod itself, and that the Nameless were illusions from the rod’s power.

Azlin is initially taken to Coruscant, but it is clear the experience has driven him to mania. Sent to a sanatorium, he lives in constant fear of what he saw on Dalna, and scribbles incoherent ramblings in a paper journal. Azlin is the first to pen the lullaby “Shrii ka rai ka rai.” 

A bounty hunter, Vol Garat, has managed to get his hands on part of the journal. He comes to kill Azlin and take the rest, but the Wookiee Jedi Arkoff stops him and hides the journal. Azlin eventually disappears without a trace.

In the present day (Phase I after The Fallen Star), Marchion Ro is determined to find the remaining journal. The same bounty hunter returns and manages to convince Marchion to let him take on the mission himself. However, the bounty hunter is once again thwarted by Arkoff, who is joined by Sav Malagán.


Hopefully, this has given you enough tools to feel comfortable with your understanding of the events of Phase II of The High Republic. As always, we highly encourage everyone to read these stories for themselves and support the many talented creators.

To stay informed on all things in the era, we encourage you to check out our High Republic HQ, which includes our reading order, timeline, and so much more.

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