About Youtini

Who we are, why we're here, and what we believe.

About Youtini

Launched in 2017 to help bridge the gap between Star Wars fans and the Expanded Universe, Youtini exist to share a passion for the books, comics, shows, and other media beyond the films. Now a vibrant community focused on positivity, accessibility, and mutual love for the EU, Youtini has set the standard for a non-toxic and joyous Star Wars fan culture.

On youtini.com, you will find up to-date release schedules, complete timelines for books and comics, comprehensive book profiles for every single novel in the EU, along with reading guides, publishing news, and lists of the top books fans everywhere should have on their bookshelf.

We would be honored if you would join our community and travel through the Expanded Universe with other positive and joy-filled like-minded fans. Welcome to the Youtini Family.

The Youtini Mission

Youtini aims to make the EU accessible and fun to explore through a like-minded, positive, and uplifting community of fellow fans.

Our Goals

1. Simplify understanding of the Expanded Universe.
2. Teach new fans the basics and guide their exploration of the EU.
3. Show new readers the value of Canon AND Legends material.
4. Foster an uplifting community of fans that works together to promote positive values and collective joy found in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Our Opinion on Star Wars

We choose to love Star Wars and find value in all of its stories - Canon & Legends alike.

More than anything, Star Wars is a multi-generational, beloved experience that brings people together. The Expanded Universe offers thousands of stories that enrich that experience in a way rarely seen in any other fandom.

Does this mean we don't have criticisms? Of course not! But we seek to check ourselves, ensure our thoughts and opinions aren't purposed with spreading dissatisfaction, and are not hurtful to the inspirational creators who have built this beautiful universe.

We believe the goal is to share the love of Star Wars, and guide fans both new and old into a much larger world where they can escape into the creative universe that is the galaxy far, far away.


Corey Helton

Chief Executive Officer

Family Doctor by day, Star Wars connoisseur by night. Corey started reading Star Wars books in the 8th grade. At last count he was around 150 books in. He realized how difficult it was to stay on top of the books as a working adult and knew there had to be an easier way to stay in the loop. Thus, Youtini was born. Corey sees Youtini as the future of the EU - a place where readers can come to find all the relevant news, lists, and of course, books and collectibles in an incredibly easy to understand fashion. As the man in charge, it's his job to get us there. Corey manages the big picture. Marketing, design, content, book releases, etc.. Corey has his hands in everything.

Eric Eilersen


Eric has been with Youtini since the beginning. As President, he oversees coordination of all book reviews and hosts The Living Force Podcast. On the rare occasion when he’s not geeking out about a galaxy far, far away, he loves playing video games, hanging out with his partner and pets, and hopelessly watching the Dallas Cowboys.

Charles Hanckel

Vice President, Podcast Department Coordinator, Podcast Host

Charles is a family medicine doctor based out of Charlotte, NC. He’s been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember. In fact, his earliest childhood memory is placing The Empire Strikes Back on VHS into his VCR! Now, Charles serves as Vice President of Youtini, as well as podcast department coordinator and co-host of The Living Force podcast. He loves interacting with other fans, so feel free to connect with him and the rest of the Youtini team on Discord or social media!

Caitlin Helton

Human Resources

Caitlin is a licensed mental health professional with a passion for pop culture. She fell in love with SW early in her teen years but wasn’t sparked again until meeting Corey. During her schooling, she found solace in the vast world of the expanded universe with books such as Lost Stars and Leia: Princess of Alderaan. While Caitlin has been around since the birth of Youtini she did not officially join the team until this past year. She helps the Youtini team with conflict management and team building. “We want working for Youtini to be just as fun as being a part of our community.”

Emily Dabeck

Internal Development Manager

Emily is an Army wife (which means professional volunteer for many, many things) and is currently staying at home to raise her daughter, who will be 2 in May. She has her Masters in teaching and taught 1st grade for 2 years in Georgia, where she met Corey! He and his wife Caitlin slowly introduced her to Star Wars, and after a few book-boxing parties, he gave her a copy of Lost Stars. She read it and was subsequently re-born a Star Wars fan! Having been newly converted to the EU, she offers a fresh perspective on what our new readers and listeners might be interested in.

Timothy Guthrie

Chief Financial Officer

Timothy is a lifelong Star Wars fan currently residing in Knoxville, TN, with his wife (an educator) and his cat (a Dark Lord of the Sith). Some of his earliest SW memories come from playing Rogue Squadron and Shadows of the Empire on his Nintendo 64 with his mom and grandpa. After finishing his Master's degree in 2017, he finally found time to jump into the vast Expanded Universe and hasn't looked back. When he isn't reading, podcasting, or managing Patreon, he's probably watching his favorite television series again or playing Xbox with his friends in the community.

Steven Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Steven Smith is a full-time Marketer and E-Commerce photographer. He has a background in fashion and destination marketing. Outside of Star Wars (which we’ll get into), he’s a big fan of backpacking, mountain biking, and spending a lot of time in the great outdoors. The overlap of photography comes into play with the outdoors as well as many of his photos are of outdoor scenery. He’s also really into craft beer and whiskey, although he can’t really tell you much about the specifics other than the fact that he just enjoys drinking them. When it comes to Star Wars, Steven can’t get enough of it. From movies, to television, to comics, to video games, and more. Inject it into his veins. His favorite Star Wars books are “Light of the Jedi”, the Darth Bane Trilogy, and “Master & Apprentice”. He’s big on bringing positivity to the Star Wars community, wherever that may be.

Emma Parke

Chief Operations Officer

Emma is a full-time college student studying biology from Maine. She hopes to use her degree to do biological research, with a particular interest in genetics. Emma has been a Star Wars fan for as long as she can remember! She discovered the EU in 2015, around the time of The Force Awakens. Her favorite character is Rey, and the moment on Starkiller Base when she uses the Force to pull the lightsaber to her holds a very special place in her heart. She loves every aspect of Star Wars and keeps up with every movie, T.V. show, book, comic, video game, etc. It's safe to say that she just can't get enough Star Wars content! Emma is so honored to be a part of the incredible Youtini community and is excited to share her love and knowledge of Star Wars!

Wes Jenkins

Chief Technology Officer

Wes was born and raised in Houston, Texas and enjoys two vastly different lives. Hunting and fishing consumes a couple weekends a month while the remaining seconds are blanketed with nerdism and Star Wars anything. Whether it be gaming, EU reading, Canon watching, or podcast listening, he has come to terms with knowing there is absolutely nothing wrong with living and breathing the force.

The Team

Andrew Bell

Staff Reviewer

For 20 some odd years, Andrew has fervently wished to live in another galaxy. However, due to technological constraints, he has had to settle for doing so vicariously through Star Wars, particularly the books and video games. Andrew's primary work for Youtini involves overseeing the Video Department and the yearly Youtinees awards. For his IRL job, Andrew works as a police officer in the southeastern United States.

Frank O'Sullivan

Keeper of the Database

Frank is the auld fellow of the Youtini Team, born at a time when there was no such thing as Star Wars, in 1972. He lives in Dublin, Ireland, with his wife and four children and works for the Irish Civil Service as a Database Administrator. (and really enjoys it) A serial Expanded Universe (Legends) reader back in the day until he hit a blip with the infamous NJO book Traitor, and used to think it was actually possible to read too much Star Wars. His love of Star Wars literature was rekindled with the new Canon line and now reads anything Star Wars related he can get his hands on. His other love is reading Fantasy Novels, and his favourite authors are David Gemmell and R.A. Salvatore. His achilles heel is his love for craft beer.

Luke Greden


I have loved star wars since the moment I saw the movies when I was 11. Since then, I have read every EU book pre-Disney and every book, comic, and most everything in between post-Disney. I am an auditor at a public accounting firm by day and live in SE Minnesota with my wife Molly and our 2 young girls.

Rick Grace

Legends Lookback Producer

Star Wars has been part of Rick's life since Jar Jar Binks blessed the big screen. No joke, when the Phantom Menace debuted at theaters, the line for tickets wrapped around the theater which gave (young) Rick a sign that there was something significant about the galaxy far, far away. Since then, he has seen the rest of the franchise a few times (and found new, favorite characters). In college, Rick's fandom started to get out of hand and a few Star Wars collections were born. Rick is a husband, father (2 littles, 2 doggos, and 1 semi-demonic feline), youth minister, school bus driver, and freelance photographer/creative-media professional. As Youtini was a tremendous help with Rick's fledgling experience with the EU, he's very excited to be part of the team and give back to others.

Tyler Ragghianti

Cosmic Force Host

Tyler joined the Youtini team in 2020 and assisted in revamping the communications efforts with the community. He is also one of the cohosts of The Cosmic Force, Youtini’s comic book-centric podcast. He has three padawans of his own and uses them as an excuse to cosplay at various conventions.

Jacob Boesch

Cosmic Force Producer

Jacob is a law student living in Indiana. He has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember: growing up with hand-me-down Kenner action figures and the 1995 VHS box set. He currently produces The Cosmic Force podcast, and assists with anything regarding Star Wars comics. In his limited free time, Jacob enjoys craft beer and bar trivia, as well as spending time with his dog Ruby.

Caleb Laminack

Staff Writter

Based in North Georgia, Caleb has a passion for Literature, Board Games, and Star Wars. For his day to day activities he works as a Chemical Application Expert, lovingly teases his beautiful wife, and plays an borderline unhealthy amount of D&D. Star Wars was his first fandom obsession, growing up with the old VHS box set of the original editions, quickly supplemented with the enchanted editions. His most read Star Wars books would have to be their various RPG systems and rule book, pouring over them as a youth dreaming of adventures in the wild space. Caleb's current title is as Staff Writer.

Freddy C

Podcast Co-Host, Legends Lookback

Freddy Contreras is an Electrical Engineer in Orange County, CA specializing in renewable energy. His hobbies include reading, gaming, droid building, judo, podcasting, and trying to look like buff Kylo. *Trying*. His earliest memory of Star Wars is watching A New Hope and immediately trying to move a pencil with the force. To this day, he is still trying to move that pencil. Many years after that initial pencil incident, he picked up his first Star Wars book in class during a reading session. The book was titled, “Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura”. This was his first dose of the EU and he has no intentions of stopping. As his fandom grew, so did his need to connect to the Star Wars community. By co-hosting and producing his podcast, “The BCON”, he saw how powerful this platform could be. He hopes to provide his experience and knowledge with the Youtini team so that we can all reach and surpass our expectations.

Anthony Schullo

Internal Development & Human Resources

Anthony is a people operations and human resources executive, with a focus on the employee experience, talent acquisition, and learning and development. With a Star Wars book always on-hand, Anthony enjoys thinking about Star Wars through the lens of sociology and psychology and holds the belief that all Star Wars is good Star Wars. His favorite characters are Darth Vader/Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, and Thrawn. He is energized by opportunities to improve the Youtini team experience and support Youtini's growth within Star Wars fandom. When not reading a Star Wars book, or tinkering with his action figure collection, you can find Anthony at Guaranteed Rate Field enjoying a Chicago White Sox game. Anthony lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, with his wife, Shelby, and their two daughters, Savannah Rey and Sierra Leia.

Jose Jimenez

Creative Department Coordinator

Jose is an architect, graphic designer and - now - podcaster. Like many kids from his generation, he grew up watching the VHS Boxset of the Original Trilogy in the 90s, and it wasn't until the release of The Force Awakens that his love for Star Wars was reignited. He is also an avid consumer of anything pop culture, TV, film and music related. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jose is currently living in Los Angeles with his dog Moe Wickett after a long stint in New York City.

Emmi Conner

Staff Writer

Emmi has been a Star Wars fan since she watched Attack of the Clones at nine years old, and she hasn’t looked back since. She jumped into the EU with Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule and got hooked right away. Emmi is a Youth Services Librarian who lives in Wilmington, NC and a published writer of fiction and nonfiction—no Star Wars fiction yet, but she has some ideas. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s usually watching cartoons with her girlfriend or having a beer on her porch with the local street cats.

Jordan Smith

Database Coordinator

Born and raised in sunny San Diego California, 1992, Jordan has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember; and his interest has only grown with each passing year! Eventually Jordan had the thought: "There must be more...", and set his sights towards the multitude of books and comics that he'd previously ignored; soon after realizing that the movies and shows were only just a fraction of the larger Star Wars universe. Jordan has since become obsessed with filling in all the gaps; no longer viewing Star Wars as a simple form of entertainment, but a history all its own.

JG Carse

Content Creator

JG is currently a customer service representative for a government department in Pittsburgh with aspirations in film making and journalism. When he's not working, besides consuming a lot of Star Wars, his free time is filled with making content about film and TV, watching social strategy games, traveling, and playing video games. 

Caroline Vincent

Video Creator

’ve never known a life without Star Wars and it all goes back to The Phantom Menace in 1999. I’m not sure I can remember my first time watching it, but I do know I absolutely loved it (my delight in Jar Jar Binks made up for my fear of Maul). I’m a bit of a late bloomer into the EU as I didn’t start reading the books until January of 2021 with The Light of the Jedi, and I didn’t even watch the shows until the first season of The Mandalorian. But nonetheless I am so glad to finally have arrived to this community!

Parker Kirk

Short Form Media Specialist

After leaving college, I joined the Marine Corps in 2016 and subsequently spent the next year of my life in training on Tatooine in Twentynine Palms, CA in the Mojave Desert. Afterward, I spent the next couple years in Japan before I moved to Connecticut and met my wife, Angela. We have a boy by the name of Teddy and are expecting our second child in September of 2022. I got into Star Wars when I was a kid and my dad took me to go see Attack of the Clones when I was 6 years old. Then, after Revenge of the Sith came out, I got the 6-movie boxed DVD set for Christmas, and the rest is history, I was hooked. I read as many books and comics as I could get my hands on at the Library, and dove headfirst into the Star Wars Extended Universe.

Jim Breslin

Database Coordinator

Jim is a relative newcomer to the Star Wars universe. His journey began in December 2019 with a binge of the original, prequel, and sequel trilogies, including a trip to the theater to see The Rise of Skywalker. He quickly moved through Clone Wars, Rebels, and The Mandalorian before jumping headfirst into the expanded universe. His first and favorite book is Thrawn. Having used Youtini to help guide his path through the overwhelming amount of written material, he was eager to do his part to give back to the community. As someone who went 28 years without Star Wars, Jim hopes to be part of a team that can bring the joy of the universe to others who may not know how far it reaches.

Ryan Holland

Video Graphic Design

I’m a multimedia designer and work full time as an Art Director at an ad agency in Southern California. I specialize in graphic design, photography, 3D, video production, and animation. I’ve been a Star Wars fan forever it seems. I love the movies and especially the legends books. The Darth Bane trilogy is one of my faves and anything written by Timothy Zahn will ever disappoint me. I joined the discord community awhile ago and have been having fun playing on the RPG server as a Quarren named Ri’ Oojod. In my spare time I enjoy movies, music, TV, PC games, guitar and spending time with my wife, daughter and pup.

Karl Sander

Staff Writer

Karl lives on Whidbey Island, Washington, with his wife and fellow Star Wars fan Karissa. After a 20-year Navy career, he now works full-time as a freelance writer. When he’s not enjoying the galaxy far, far away, he can usually be found skiing, hiking, and supporting the northwest's independent brewers.

Jared Mayes

Legends Lookback Lead Host

Jared is a passionate Star Wars fan, dad, Christian minister, aspiring Pokémon trainer, and one of Youtini's Legends aficionados. His favorite Star Wars story of all time is 1991's Dark Empire comic. Jared has been writing and podcasting with Youtini since 2019. You can catch him on Legends Lookback on Thursday nights for all of your wild and wacky Star Wars Legends content.

Matt Davenport

Podcast Audio Editor

Matt is a life-long Star Wars fan. You name it, movies, comics, books, music, toys, if it has the logo on it, he is all over it. IRL, Matt works in the world of television, but even there he is surrounded by Star Wars. Born in New York, Matt grew up on a farm in Idaho which provided plenty of space to set up his life-sized Echo Base in the winter. Matt's love of John Williams' music led him to create the 24-hour streaming radio station Matt's Movie Trax. He also hosts a one-hour version of the channel for a public radio station in Idaho. In the early to mid 2000-teens, Matt created and co-hosted two podcasts, Entertechment and the Dune Sea Diner. Matt is looking forward to engaging with the wonderful Star Wars fans here at Youtini.

Michael Hilton

Content Department Coordinator

Michael Hilton is a time traveler from the future who’s come back to warn us of the impending literary apocalypse. A Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy author, he writes to stave off the coming wasteland of soulless fiction. One day his Wikipedia page will describe his warnings as “mildly prophetic” and “wildly exaggerated.” He is the author of the Bobby Robot series, a number of short stories, and publishes The Weekly Geek on michaelhiltonbooks.com. He lives on Earth but is thinking about moving soon.

Nathan Emery

Video Host and Producer

Nathan has been a Star Wars fan basically all his life. He grew up with the prequels, and to this day that era holds a special place in his heart. His first foray into the EU was with the Thrawn Trilogy. Nathan's primary job at Youtini is the creation of video content.

Oz Davis

Visual Graphic Specialist

Oz is a lifelong Star Wars fan who grew up wearing out his VHS boxset of the Original Trilogy, finally getting to see A New Hope on the big screen with the Special Editions. After brief dips into the EU, he decided to go all the way in with the canon reset and has since read every book and comic as they’ve been released. By day, he works in event production and lives with his wife Rachel in Dallas, TX.

Trevor Davey

Keeper of the Timeline

A lifelong Star Wars fan, one of Trevor’s earliest memory’s is of his parents watching A New Hope on VHS to make sure it was suitable for their 3 year old son. Born in ‘76, this obsession has lasted the test of time. Trevor owns nearly every Star Wars story ever published, in one form or another, and is an avid timeliner and chronicler of the Expanded Universe. A supermarket manager for 12 years in his ‘real life’, Trevor’s other interests include his band, The Trees, whose debut album will hopefully be released in the summer of 2019.

Gea Haff

Staff Writer

Gea Haff was the magical age of 9-years-old when A New Hope came to theaters and forever imprinted itself on her mind.  Three years later, after seeing The Empire Strikes Back she wrote George Lucas a letter asking him to please put her in his next movie, Return of the Jedi. Alas, Mr. Lucas did not concede to her demands, but Lucasfilm did write her back and send her a free subscription to Bantha Tracks!  She has been a loyal devotee ever since.

Stefano Aprile

UX & Web Developer

Stefano is a Star Wars fan living in Belgium. His first experience with Star Wars was watching the OT (in French) when he was 8 years old. He only discovered the books in 2020. A friend recommended reading “Heir to the Empire”. When he finished the Thrawn trilogy, he was curious... What else is out there? That’s when he found Youtini. Stefano works in Digital Marketing, focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization. That means he’s obsessed with optimizing websites: from UX research to A/B testing and web development. As a web developer for Youtini, his goal is to create the best online experience for our community.