Adult Novel

The High Republic: Light of the Jedi

Charles Soule
Jan 5, 2021
Artwork by
Joseph Meehan
Narrated by
Marc Thompson
Takes place in
232 BBY
In the
High Republic
Rich with Force Lore. An all-new Star Wars era. Some of the most compelling original EU characters ever written. And the start of a multi-year, multimedia story. Set two hundred years before The Phantom Menace, Light of the Jedi kickstarts the High Republic publishing program with the lauded and legendary comics writer Charles Soule's first prose Star Wars novel. The book follows Jedi Master Avar Kriss, Padawan Bell Zettifar, and a ragtag band of evil space Vikings as they navigate the explosive Great Disaster rocks the galaxy to its core.

Publisher's Summary

The High Republic: Light of the Jedi is a canon novel. It is the first volume and part of the first wave in Phase 1 of the multimedia project Star Wars: The High Republic.

The events of the novel are set 200 years before the events of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

Long before the First Order, before the Empire, before even The Phantom Menace. . . Jedi lit the way for the galaxy in The High Republic

It is a golden age. Intrepid hyperspace scouts expand the reach of the Republic to the furthest stars, worlds flourish under the benevolent leadership of the Senate, and peace reigns, enforced by the wisdom and strength of the renowned order of Force users known as the Jedi. With the Jedi at the height of their power, the free citizens of the galaxy are confident in their ability to weather any storm. But even the brightest light can cast a shadow, and some storms defy any preparation.

When a shocking catastrophe in hyperspace tears a ship to pieces, the flurry of shrapnel emerging from the disaster threatens an entire system. No sooner does the call for help go out than the Jedi race to the scene. The scope of the emergence, however, is enough to push even Jedi to their limit. As the sky breaks open and destruction rains down upon the peaceful alliance they helped to build, the Jedi must trust in the Force to see them through a day in which a single mistake could cost billions of lives.

Even as the Jedi battle valiantly against calamity, something truly deadly grows beyond the boundary of the Republic. The hyperspace disaster is far more sinister than the Jedi could ever suspect. A threat hides in the darkness, far from the light of the age, and harbors a secret that could strike fear into even a Jedi's heart.

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Heather Goldman - The High Republic: Light of the Jedi  - Adult Novel
Heather Goldman
Community Department Manager
This is truly the golden age of the Jedi. All of the stories you hear about the Jedi doing the impossible, overcoming tremendous feats in a way that you would only believe by seeing it with your very own eyes, all stem from this incredible era of Star Wars history. The diversity of the order, in both nationality and personal traits, in comparison to the unspoken unity between each and every individual speaks volumes as to how the Jedi during The High Republic are a force to be reckoned with through sheer compassion and understanding. This is how the Jedi are meant to be. This first impression of The High Republic already fits so naturally into the existing Star Wars lore while offering something entirely new and exciting. If you want to see for yourself what The High Republic is all about, please start here. You absolutely won’t regret it!
Eric Eilersen - The High Republic: Light of the Jedi  - Adult Novel
Eric Eilersen
This is the best Star Wars book I have ever read. Period. Soule sets up an entire new era with original characters, technology, Force lore, and more, and he does so with absolute expertise. Every character grips you whether they appear in one chapter or 40, and the plot couldn’t be more kinetic and exciting if it were actively on a racetrack. The High Republic is here...and it’s better than we could have ever imagined.
Jared Mayes - The High Republic: Light of the Jedi  - Adult Novel
Jared Mayes
Legends Lookback Lead Host
The ambitious and explosive new chapter in the galaxy far, far away comes out of the gate at a dead sprint with Light of the Jedi. As a longtime Legends EU fan, it reminds me in a lot of ways of the New Jedi Order in its sheer scope as it kickstarts a new multi-year, multi-author storytelling initiative. But there’s enough originality in Light of the Jedi to set it apart as a fresh take on familiar Star Wars elements. In fact, just about everything in Light of the Jedi is delightfully and boldly a step into the unknown: a massive cast of memorable and charming characters, a villain who is just as much fun to spend time with as the heroes, and plenty of Force lore that will have you reexamining everything you thought you knew about the fundamentals of Star Wars. All in all, this is a page turner unlike just about any other. It’s truly remarkable that Charles Soule managed to achieve a work of such tremendous quality in his very first prose Star Wars novel! That being said, there were plenty of stylistic choices along the way that left me feeling like some of his risks were a little too bold (such as the inexplicably blood-soaked Gungan pirate), but those moments were few and far between. Soule truly has cemented himself as one of the great writers to ever lend their talents to Lucas’s sandbox as he takes his first steps into a larger world. . . and as we do too as the High Republic is officially underway!

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