eature film novelizations represent a unique literary challenge: on one hand, they transport us into our favorite movie moments, enriching and expanding scenes while providing a sense of closeness to the characters. On the other hand, these are stories we already know. 

We’ve already held our breath for our heroes in danger, laughed at the clever lines, and experienced the gut-punch shock of the plot twist. Authors must walk the fine line of staying within the hard bounds of the narrative they are adapting yet at the same time capture the thrill of the movie experience and provide just enough novelty to light the reader’s imagination in a new way. 

These criteria ratchet up by orders of magnitude for Star Wars novelizations, as the release of new films or TV series come with heavy expectations from fans who demand just as much from their adaptations. When a novelization is doing its job, delighting readers with a new way to experience their favorite on-screen adventures, the result is entertaining. When a Star Wars novelization is doing its job, well, the result is pure magic.

In this Guide, we’ve chosen our top picks for Best Star Wars Novelizations based on the Youtini Book Review System and a general consensus among our staff reviews. This list contains some of the top Star Wars books in Star Wars Canon and in Star Wars Legends. Keep in mind that this list contains true novelizations, so reads such as From a Certain Point of View, while stellar adaptations, expand on source material rather than translate the original story to novel form.

So let’s get to it.

Here’s Youtini’s Guide to Best Star Wars Novelizations and in our opinion, some of the best Star Wars novels worth reading.

Best Star Wars Novelizations

Revenge of the Sith

by Matthew Stover

Image Credit: Penguin Random House

Not only does Revenge of the Sith represent our pick for Best Star Wars Novelization, but it’s also Youtini’s choice for Best Star Wars Novel of All Time. Flip to the opening pages, and you’ll see why. Author Matthew Stover adapts George Lucas’s script into a novel so compelling, imaginative, and heartbreaking that Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side will stay with you long after you read and re-read the final passages. 

Stover’s words splash lines of pure art across the page, adding depth and richness to characters scene-by-scene, his descriptions rivaling the visual spectacle of its film counterpart. In these chapters, we get to feel, really feel, Anakin’s inner turmoil, think about his ever-darkening thoughts, and reach out to him as he desperately tries to cling to what he can’t control even as he attempts to quell the rage burning deep inside his heart. Moments of reflection, hesitation, and failing optimism with Obi-Wan are punctuated by dazzling action sequences, lightsabers blazing and clashing, an outward manifestation of the character’s internal struggles. 

In addition, Stover benefited from Lucas’s blessing to take minor liberties with the source material, resulting in slightly altered and expanded scenes. Anakin benefits the most here as Stover intensely humanizes him through a deeper exploration of his turbulent emotions so that his descent to the Dark Side proves all the more devastating. All in all, Revenge of the Sith isn’t just a phenomenal novelization; it’s everything a Star Wars book should be. In our opinion, this Star Wars novel is one of the best rated Star Wars books of all time.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

by Alexander Freed

Image Credit: Penguin Random House

Expounding on the backstory of A New Hope, Rogue One tells of how a ragtag team of freedom fighters manages to steal the plans for the Empire’s formidable superweapon, the Death Star. When the film was released in 2016, it ushered in a new era for Star Wars Canon media, setting a major precedent for filling in important Canon story points in the galaxy far, far away. Lucasfilm may have taken a risk in producing a feature-length film outside the mainline trilogies, especially one that depicts such a crucial time period in the Star Wars saga, but the result paid off with fans flocking theaters to witness a nascent Rebellion in its first major conflicts with the powerful Empire. 

Described by some as a Star Wars “war movie,” the task of adapting the film’s gritty warfare and spectacular dogfights naturally fell to veteran novelist Alexander Freed, whose knack for writing militaristic science fiction easily translates Rogue One’s incredible battle sequences into action-packed prose. Like the film itself, Freed’s novel is a wild ride through a classic Star Wars period and gives fans extended time with the heroes who made the Rebel Alliance’s victory in A New Hope possible.

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The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition

by Rae Carson

Image Credit: Penguin Random House

On its release in 2019, the final Episode in the Skywalker Saga received mixed reactions, with some praising the story’s bold creative choices while others lamented the seeming lack of direction for the Sequel Trilogy. Regardless of how you feel about it, Rae Carson’s unique ability to deliver epic action sequences alongside more delicate character moments lends itself to an excellent novelization. 

Most fans can agree that The Rise of Skywalker clips along at a blisteringly fast pace. The story brims with subplots, lore, and character arcs many wish we could spend more time exploring. This is where novelizations really shine and where Carson’s adaptation benefits. 

While the book makes no major changes to what we see on screen, we’re left with a little more space to take it all in, breathe with the characters, and orient ourselves to the gigantic battles. Make no mistake: if you weren’t particularly fond of Episode IX, its novelization probably wouldn’t change your mind, but Carson’s artful rendering of the Skywalker Saga’s final installment makes for a great Star Wars read.

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