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“Wyl Lark. The Emperor’s shadow is long.”

As mysterious as a Tusken Raider, as combat-efficient as Dathomirian, and as speechless as a Vintian, Kairos is a delightful concoction of everything that makes up the most wicked characters of the Star Wars universe.

Don’t let her intimidating looks and chilling demeanor fool you, she’s definitely one of the good guys. When she was just a wee little Kairos, the Empire swooped down on her home planet and ruined everything (as they like to do). 

That was enough to sway her into the Rebellion and exact her revenge against the tyrants. When the Rebellion transformed into the New Republic after the Battle of Endor, she stayed with the organization in order to keep doing what she does best...kicking major butt.

No one can fly a U-wing like Kairos can, and she can even do it without a copilot! But her bloodlust isn’t limited to the skies. Kairos works her trusty bowcaster as if she’s playing an elegant tune on a violin. Even still, this trained soldier doesn’t need her tools to get the job done. In fact, she’s even more deadly with just her bare hands, leaving her victims mortally wounded and no doubt regretting their decisions in life.

Kairos has the makings of a murderous machine, but she knows when to keep herself in check. Ever since sharing a prison cell with Caern Adan and joining him in his pain and suffering, she had dedicated herself to helping him in his cause in any way that she can. This includes being a loyal member of his new squad of elite personnel with the ultimate goal of taking down the Empire’s 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, otherwise known as Shadow Wing, once and for all. But it would take more than just the two of them to accomplish such a feat. 

What they needed was a squad leader, followed by an actual squad. And so Kairos set out to Traitor’s Remorse to pick up Yrica Quell, the first part of the puzzle that would soon reveal itself to be Alphabet Squadron.

Other than her relationship with Caern Adan, Kairos had mostly been alone since the loss of her home. However, she had found a new home among her fellow crewmates in Alphabet Squadron. 

After many daring missions, heated arguments, and near death situations, the team had the makings of a small, and intimate family. For that, Kairos gathered the courage to do what she had struggled to for ages. She had finally opened herself up to people whom she could trust, and that includes laying out her vulnerable emotions. Although she may stay mostly silent, she speaks volumes through her actions.

Leave it to Alexander Freed to create a ragtag bunch of individuals who stand apart on their own yet become even stronger when working together. The bonds shared within the small group is what makes the Alphabet Squadron series one that’ll capture your heart and have you yearning for your spot in the pilot’s chair soaring with your very own squadmates.

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Adult Novel

Alphabet Squadron: Victory's Price

Written by
Alexander Freed
Artwork by
Devastated and torn apart by the events in Shadow Fall, Alphabet Squadron attempts to piece together their next steps forward in a galaxy on the edge of complete destruction. Soran Keize, the former leader of Shadow Wing, long thought dead, has returned to the ruthless TIE squadron making them stronger and more dangerous than ever. With our heroes at their absolute worst, they must pull together to overcome their renewed rivals at their very best. The only question lies in what it will cost. Alexander Freed’s Victory’s Price is the epic conclusion to the Alphabet Squadron trilogy we have long waited for. Known for mixing the right amount of airborne conflict, character development, and surprising twists, Freed is sure to leave everyone talking with this one!
In the wake of Yrica Quell’s shocking decision—and one of the fiercest battles of their lives—the remnants of Alphabet Squadron seek answers and closure across a galaxy whose old war scars are threatening to reopen. Soran Keize has returned to the tip of Shadow Wing’s spear. Operation Cinder, the terrifying protocol of planetary extermination which began in the twilight of the Imperial era, burns throughout the galaxy. Shadow Wing is no longer wounded prey fleeing the hunters of the New Republic. With its leader, its strength has returned, and its Star Destroyers and TIE squadrons lurk in the darkness between stars, carrying out the fallen Emperor’s final edict of destruction—as well as another, stranger mission, one Keize has championed not for the dying Empire, but for its loyal soldiers. Alphabet Squadron’s ships are as ramshackle and damaged as their spirits, but they’ve always had each other. Now, as they face the might of Keize’s reborn juggernaut, they aren’t even sure they have that. How do you catch a shadow? How do you kill it? And when you’re finally victorious, who pays the price?