he Blade of Bardotta. The Barash Vow. These ideas were first introduced in the 2017 Darth Vader comic run and were explored deeper in the first phase of the High Republic. Readers would have to wait even longer for the release of The Blade in Phase II for the story Jedi Master Porter Engle and Barash Silvain. Written by Charles Soule and penciled by Marco Castiello and Jethro Morales, the miniseries answered many fans’ questions while also leaving new questions yet to be answered. Whether you have read the series and need a refresh or want to catch up before reading Phase III, this guide will summarize the important details of this gripping story.

Part 1 opens 150 years before The Fallen Star, not with Porter in some crazy fight scene but with him cooking, as we see him do later in his life. However, he is interrupted by his sister Barash as trouble starts to break outside the establishment they’re in. A fight is beginning between two groups over ambercryst, a valuable resource. Things escalate, and the tables turn on Porter. The Jedi is prepared, however, and deflects gunfire into a set of Sabacc cards he was floating with the Force.  This forces the hand of the group in the wrong, causing them to flee. 

The story then goes back 25 years to see the first meeting between Porter and Barash. Barash insists she doesn’t need any friends, but Porter says that “everyone can use a friend.” Barash agrees to try it out.

Back in the present time, Porter and Barash seek a new assignment. Barash believes the Force is guiding them to Gansevor in the Tammuz Sector, a fortress city besieged by a rival faction’s army and requesting Jedi assistance to end the conflict. Porter is hesitant, while Barash is affirmed when they are immediately interrupted by Pathfinder Outer Rim Expedition 807 member and Jedi Master Helion. Helion offers their vessel and aid. Also on the Pathfinder team are pilot Salleee Oop, medic Grint Rupar, and Padawan Benj. Helion, recognizing Porter by his name, insists on a duel stating she has few opportunities for a good sparring session.

As they approach Ganservor, Porter and Barash learn that the communications team normally with the Patfinders is in another sector. Barash declares that even though it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s still a civilized world and asks how bad it could be. She is sure they’ll be fine. 

Once they land in Horatio, the capital city of Gansevor, Envoy Seleen meets them. It is said that Gansevor is the Planet of Knives, and Porter jokes that hopefully it’s because the mountains. 

They learn about the situation enveloping the city of Firevale, which is central to the planet’s energy infrastructure due to a rare mineral called baudraxite. Firevale trades the mineral with the rest of the planet for everything, including day-to-day necessities. An army from Bethune, a rival land, laid siege to Firevale for no reason, blocking communications and movement to and from the city. The planet's government has no military, and the cities must provide their own protection. As a result, Envoy Seleen knew the Jedi were the best bet for seeking aid. 

Seleen asks the Jedi to deliver food, medical supplies, other essentials, and, most importantly, peace. Upon arriving at Firevale, Porter and Barash encounter blaster fire that they easily deflect, knocking some of the blasters from the shooters' hands. The laser fire ceases, and the Jedi meet with the attacking army’s commanding officer without further opposition.  

Once more, the story travels back in time, 17 years prior. Porter is concerned that he and Barash will be separated since he overheard the Jedi Masters discussing the pair’s attachment. Barash brings up that there’s not a lot they can do unless they quit the Order. She concludes that maybe they should purposely do worse when on missions separately so the Masters will think they work better together. Porter agrees, noting they each have their strengths: him excelling in lightsaber skills and Barash sensing things through the force. Barash thinks once the Masters see that they’re better together, they won’t be separated again. 

The story goes back to the present time with Porter and Barash meeting Field Marshal Tozen of Bethune. Tozen states how deeply offensive it is that the Republic is getting involved in a local dispute after taxing them and not delivering on their promises, including a connection to the Galactic Communication Network and trade routes. Barash clarifies that the Republic did not send them but that a representative of the planet requested them. Porter also notes how offensive it was getting shot at. 

A soldier speaks up, stating that Firevale stole Bethune’s princess and heir.  Barash wants more details and safe passage to deliver the relief supplies to Firevale. Porter insists that they can find a resolution to this dispute as well. Tozen reluctantly agrees. However, once the Jedi leave, he calls an unknown person, stating that it’s time to end this and asking how soon they could get here. The mysterious individual says that they’ll be there before he knows it. 

Meanwhile, Porter and Barash deliver the supplies to Firevale and are met by Chief Magistrate Renata and Prince Colden of Firevale’s royal family, next in line to Queen Keraan. The Jedi soon learn that the “kidnapped princess” is actually Prince Colden’s wife, who sought asylum in Firevale. When an alarm sounds, the Jedi are surprised that the marshal has gone back on his word, while the prince isn’t surprised at all. 

Part 2 ends with a mercenary landing near the Bethunian army, and asking who they are to kill.

The Prince was sure they could hold their defenses against the Bethunians; however, with the new mercenaries approaching, the odds are stacked against them. While Firevale’s air defense is still intact, forcing the Bethunians and mercenaries to attack only on the ground, and their wall defenses are impressive, the gate is weak. It would not take long for the mercenary’s cannons to break through.

Porter engages in hopes of starting conversations. Gunfire ceases, and Porter is reunited with Field Marshal Tozen and introduced to the lead mercenary, General Viess. Porter convinces Tozen to pause the assault so that Barash can locate the princess, but Tozen warns that diplomacy has its limits. 

Meanwhile, Barash discusses the unfolding situation with the queen and the prince. The queen does not believe the truce will not last long and blames her son for bringing violence to their city because he didn’t end his love with the princess when he could have. While Barash has heard both sides of the conflict, she specifically asks to speak directly to the princess. While the prince refuses, the princess herself makes her presence known, interrupting the conversation. 

Princess Sicatra explains to Barash that staying in her city was impossible, so their only options were to leave entirely or beg for mercy from his mother, the queen. Barash, pushes further, inquiring why more time wasn’t taken to figure out something between the leaders. Sicatra reveals that time was not on their side as she is pregnant.

Barash wonders why they can't live elsewhere or let their union inspire the separate cities to unite like Eiram and E’ronoh. The princess declares it’s not that simple — their child would be taken and raised by someone else. “This is the planet of knives. Choices cut.”

Fifteen years earlier, at the Jed Temple in Coruscant, Barash and Porter meet together after finally being partnered again. They reminisce about the first time they met during lightsaber training. She explains that members of her species, Kage, remember most memories to almost birth. She remembers her family and her time with them, and while she doesn’t regret leaving, she remembers what she lost. She tells Porter she has found it again in him and asks him to be her brother. He says he's not an expert but that it’ll get better, calling her sister. 

Back in the present, Barash comms to Porter to urgently have the Bethunians leave, that the situation is completely wrong. Porter tells the Bethunians and mercenaries to communicate with their leaders and go before there are consequences. Meanwhile, Tozen and Viess discuss killing the Jedi. They fear if they kill just one, many more will return to go after them. Nevertheless, Tozen tasks Viess with hunting the Jedi down in 12 hours. 

Viess leads the attack on Firevale, surprising Porter.  Barash tells the prince and princess not to be afraid. The prince responds that they’re not afraid but realistic. Barash reassures them that while their defense may not hold, Porter will. Porter ignites his lightsaber, standing firm to defend the city of Firevale and its people. 

The final part of the mini-series opens on the Nomad Plains with Firevale under siege with Porter facing off with Viess. She states that the Jedi who have gone missing have been because of her; she’s a Jedi killer. Porter vows that while he will not answer murder with murder, he will not allow anyone else to die.

While this is happening, Barash urges negotiations despite the queen’s reservations. The prince agrees with Barash, but the queen continues to resist stating that she would never be able to retain power if she opened the gates and allowed negotiations. 

At the same time, Viess commands Tozen to open fire on the city instead of the wall. Tozen refuses,  and Viess — knowing that there would be no witnesses — has her people turn on him and his immediate support, presumably killing all of them. 

Prince Colden urges his mother to stop fighting, and she commands the city's people into the mines for protection from the canon fire. The princess is shocked by what appear to be her people's actions. Shockingly, Tozen survives Viess’s betrayal just long enough to tell the princess what happened before taking his last breath. Barash senses the princess’s distress as she breaks down, believing the queen will never give Colden a chance to rule, which will hold the city and the planet back. 

Barash confronts the queen. The prince defends his mother, but Barash states she knows the truth; the princess insists that Colden also knows. Full of rage, the queen draws her blade to strike the princess, but Barash stops her with Force. Barash insists that this is not the answer. 

The queen, already feeling betrayed by her son and daughter-in-law, is angered even more by Barash's intervention, stating, "This is the Planet of Knives. Only knives will answer!” Barash says that for the sake of her grandchild, she must stop; however, the prince is confused. Sicatra reveals she lied to the Jedi about her pregnancy, hoping it would get the Jedi's support. 

The queen, already feeling betrayed by her son and daughter-in-law, is angered even more by Barash's intervention, stating, "This is the Planet of Knives. Only knives will answer!” Barash says that for the sake of her grandchild, she must stop; however, the prince is confused. Sicatra reveals she lied to the Jedi about her pregnancy, hoping it would get the Jedi's support to force the queen to renounce the throne and have the prince take it. He would negotiate a preplanned truce with Bethune and organize a trade of Baudraxite

“SHOW THEM THE EDGE OF OUR BLADES! FOR GANSEVOR!” The Bethunians turn on the mercenaries, full of passion and rage. While the princess seems to feel that all is well, Barash reminds her that people have died because of the princess and her husband -- and because Barash believed them.

Exhausted on the battled field, Porter kneels, giving Viess the opportunity to shoot him with a canon, but Barash deflects the shot. The remaining mercenaries flee, leaving just brother and sister on the battlefield. 

Barash explains the scheme the prince and princess hatched and how it escalated to the situation that befell them. Porter tells Barash they should return to the capital to be ready to leave when the Pathfinders return. Barash reveals that she’s not going with him. 

She states that she listened to herself instead of the Force and, therefore, is just as responsible for the tragedy as the royals. She had felt certain, but she was wrong. Porter is confused about why she is leaving the Order. She says she is still a Jedi, yet she can’t act on the Order's behalf. Porter insists they can’t work apart, and she reminds him that he is not alone. 

Porter reports to the council that Barash has taken a vow to remain in the order but to remove herself from work to listen to only the force. He is told of a situation on Bardota where his aid could be used and the story ends with him meditating under The Great Tree at the temple.  

The Blade mini-series appears to be just the beginning of the tragic, epic backstory of Porter Engle as it was revealed on the page that he will return in The Broken Blade. Charle’s Soule has weaved an intricate narrative with subtle clues going back to Light of the Jedi, and now we see those hints evolve into full stories of their own. The Blade mini-series has been collected into a trade paperback, making it easy to read the full story with the incredible art in one place. If you want more things to read by Charles Soule, check out our guide here. Continue to follow Youtini for more High Republic coverage and helpful guides, reviews, and more in our High Republic HQ. 

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