Adult Novel

X-Wing: The Bacta War

Michael Stackpole
Feb 6, 1997
Artwork by
Narrated by
Anthony Heald
Takes place in
In the
New Republic
Part of the
X-Wing Series
The Bacta War is the final installment in the initial story arc of X-Wing books focused on Rogue Squadron. The events move on from the liberation of Coruscant to the turf war for the planet Thyferra, the galaxy’s primary source of the healing agent bacta. Without bacta, millions will suffer. But Ysanne Isard has seized control of the planet and instilling suffering is her MO. Corran will have to recruit help from a pirate king he once imprisoned, Booster Terrik. Can the Rogues stand a chance against Isard’s Super Star Destroyer?

Publisher's Summary

While the Alliance fleet mounts a major campaign against a deadly warlord, Ysanne Isard has seized control of Thyferra, intending to use its precious supply of bacta to destabilize and destroy the New Republic. It falls to Rogue Squadron - undermanned, deprived of Alliance support and even weapons - to oppose Isard's dangerous designs, defeat her powerful complement of Star Destroyers, and free Thyferra from her iron rule. But when Isard discovers the Squadron's secret base, its ragtag group of pilots must scramble for survival in a winner-take-all battle against Isard's overwhelming and seemingly superior force.

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