Adult Novel

X-Wing: Isard's Revenge

Michael Stackpole
Apr 19, 1999
Artwork by
Narrated by
Anthony Heald
Takes place in
In the
New Republic
Part of the
X-Wing Series
X-Wing: Isard's Revenge is the eight book in the thrilling series. Authorship returns to Michael Stackpole, who wrote the first novels in the series. The book takes place after the prior book in the series, as well as the events of the Thrawn Trilogy. If you enjoyed the thrilling adventures of Wedge and company throughout the rest of the series, you'll definitely enjoy this one.

Publisher's Summary

Sleek, swift and deadly, the famed X-Wing fighters have earned their reputation as the Rebel Alliance's ultimate strike force the hard way: first in battle, the last line of defense. Now they must make a deal with the devil herself: an enemy whose ultimate goal is their total annihilation.

It's the kind of mission only Wedge Antilles and the Rogue Squadron would dare to undertake. Against impossible odds, they will stage a daring raid into an enemy stronghold, only to be rescued from certain destruction by an unexpected ally.

Ysanne Isard, the ruthless Imperial commander, has appeared on the scene seemingly from out of nowhere. Now she proposes a most unusual alliance, offering to help Wedge rescue his captured comrades from Imperial Warlord Admiral Krennel's sadistic prison camp.

But her offer is not without a price. Wedge must lead Rogue Squadron in Isard's deadly struggle against an enemy made in her own image. It's an offer Wedge would love to refuse, for Isard is certain to betray them. But how can they leave their comrades at Krennel's mercy? The answer: they can't, even if it means being caught between Krennel's ruthlessness and Isard's treachery.

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