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Wedge's Gamble (The Essential Legends Collection)

Michael A. Stackpole
Apr 5, 2022
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New Republic
The second installment of the Rogue Squadron series of novels sees the mission to liberate Coruscant from Imperial control take shape. The Rogues first free dangerous members of the Black Sun criminal syndicate and plant them on the Imperial capital to sabotage the city from within—much to the displeasure of Corran Horan, who locked them up to begin with! While trying to infiltrate and take down the Empire from the underlevels, the Rogues learn of Isard’s deadly Krytos Virus which targets nonhumans—Isard’s diabolical plan to hand the planet over to the Rebels only to have a catastrophic plague on their hands. The Rebels have to find a way to not only free Coruscant, stop the virus, but sniff out the spy in their ranks as well!

Publisher's Summary

Wedge's Gamble (The Essential Legends Collection)

Wave 3 of the Essential Legends Collections Series

It is the evil heart of a battered and reeling Empire: Coruscant, the giant city-world from whose massive towers the Imperial High Command directs the war. The Rebels will invade this mighty citadel in a daring move to bring the Empire to its knees. But first Wedge Antilles and his X-wing pilots must infiltrate Coruscant to gain vital intelligence information. Capture means death, or worse—enslavement by the vicious leader known as "Iceheart," Ysanne Isard, now Emperor in all but name. And one of Rogue Squadron's own is already her slave, a traitor hidden behind a mask of innocence, working to betray both colleagues and the Rebellion itself.

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