Adult Novel

The Truce at Bakura

Kathy Tyers
Nov 1, 1993
Artwork by
Narrated by
Anthony Heald
Takes place in
In the
New Republic

A suspenseful and essential Legends story, The Truce at Bakura centers around an impending alien invasion, while the Imperials are not even aware of the Emperor's demise. The story is set directly after the events of ROJ with the Rebels intercepting an imperial distress call. Luke volunteers to lead a force in defense of Bakura in place of the Empire. Accompanied by Han and Chewie, Leia attempts to secure a truce between Bakura and the Rebels.

Luke is recovering from his battle with Palpatine and facing his own internal struggles, while Leia struggles to come to terms with being the daughter of Darth Vader.

Publisher's Summary

No sooner has Darth Vader's funeral pyre burned to ashes on Endor than the Alliance intercepts a call for help from a far-flung Imperial outpost. Bakura is on the edge of known space and the first to meet the Ssi-ruuk, cold-blooded reptilian invaders who, once allied with the now dead Emperor, are approaching Imperial space with only one goal: total domination.

Princess Leia sees the mission as an opportunity to achieve a diplomatic victory for the Alliance. But it assumes even greater importance when a vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi appears to Luke Skywalker with the message that he must go to Bakura - or risk losing everything the Rebels have fought so desperately to achieve.

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