Adult Novel

The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance

Sean Williams
Jul 20, 2010
Artwork by
Narrated by
Marc Thompson
Takes place in
3643 BBY
In the
Old Republic
Based on the video game Star Wars: the Old Republic, Sean William’s novel launches a four book tie-in series. A prestigious auction held by the Hutt cartel causes a stir in the galaxy. As representatives gather to bid for the right to a dangerous treasure, an unlikely alliance unites in the form of a Republic envoy, Sith Apprentice, Jedi Padawan, Republic Black Star trooper, and a mysterious Mandalorian, all in an effort to steal the prize.

Publisher's Summary

Tassaa Bareesh, a matriarch in the Hutt crime cartel, is holding an auction that’s drawing attention from across the galaxy. Representatives of both the Republic and the Sith Empire are present, along with a Jedi Padawan sent to investigate, a disenfranchised trooper drummed out of the Republic’s elite Black Star Squad, and a mysterious Mandalorian (Dao Stryver)with a private agenda. But the Republic’s envoy is not what he seems, the Empire’s delegate is a ruthless Sith apprentice, the Jedi Padawan is determined to do the right thing and terrified that he can’t, the trooper hopes to redeem her reputation, and the Mandalorian is somehow managing to keep one step ahead of everyone.

None of these guests—invited or uninvited—have any intention of participating in the auction. Instead they plan to steal the prize, which is locked inside an impregnable vault: two burned chunks of an exploded star cruiser, one of which may hold the key to the wealth of an entire world.

But the truth about the treasure is dangerous and deadly. And in the end, Sith and Jedi, Republic and Empire, must do something they’ve never done before, something that all the agents of good and evil could never make them do: join together to stop a powerful threat that could destroy the galaxy…

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