Graphic Novel

The Old Republic Volume 1 Blood of the Empire

Alexander Freed
Feb 9, 2011
Artwork by
Dave Ross
Narrated by
Takes place in
3678 BBY
In the
Old Republic
The Old Republic #4-6
Blood of the Empire is the second story arc in a series of comic tie-ins to the Star Wars: The Old Republic massively multi-player online roleplaying game. The story features Sith apprentice Teneb Kel, rest from leading the Sith Empire’s forces to victory. He’s tasked with a mission by secretive Emperor himself, but his prey proves to be a difficult target. In order to complete his mission, preserve his emperor’s reign, and save his skin, Kel must forge an unlikely alliance and keep the secrets he learns along the way. Written by one of the game’s designers, Alexander Freed, the comics were originally released on-line and eventually published as a single issue by Dark Horse.

Publisher's Summary

Set in the newest corner of the Star Wars galaxy!Afterhundreds of years, the Sith Empire has returned to the galaxy, determined tocrush the Republic that sent them into exile. For young Sith Teneb Kel, it ishis only chance to rise above his lowly beginnings as a slave and prove hisworth to the Dark Council. Yet their mission for him is unexpected. He will nothunt Jedi, but rather a fellow Sith the Emperor'sapprentice!The release of The Old Republicpromises to be a Star Wars event of the highest order, agame-changing moment that will mobilize legions of fans to explore anever-before-seen piece of the Star Wars mythology!

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