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The Lando Calrissian Adventures

L. Neil Smith
Jun 1, 1994
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Hello, what have we here? Why, it’s a collection of novels specifically about Lando Calrissian! If you just can’t resist the smooth-as-silk gambler, smuggler, and entrepreneur, don’t even try to pass up The Lando Calrissian Adventures. This book includes Lando’s best shenanigans in the time before he lost the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo.

Publisher's Summary

For the price of one, you get three Lando Calrissian novels: LANDO CALRISSSIAN AND THE MINDHARP OF SHARU, LANDO CLARISSIAN AND THE FLAMEWIND OF OSEON, and LANDO CALRISSIAN AND THE STARCAVE OF THONBOKA. You know him as a gambler, rogue, and con-artist; Lando's always on the frontier scanning his sensors for easy credits and looking for action in galaxies near and far.

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Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka
The Lando Calrissian Adventures

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