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The High Republic: Race To Crashpoint Tower

Daniel José Older
Jun 29, 2021
Artwork by
Narrated by
Takes place in
231 BBY
In the
High Republic
Older is writing a middle grade book, Race to Crashpoint Tower. It focuses on the Republic Fair and a new mechanic Jedi, Ram Jamoram, wants to hide in his garage. Crashpoint also contains new creatures, the Bonbraks, who hang out with Ram in his shop, and it’s a good thing because we needed some cuteness to balance out the Nihl and the Drengir! The story follows Lula Talisola (from Older’s High Republic Adventures from IDW) who hangs out with Vernestra Rwoh (from A Test of Courage). Plus a new droid! Who doesn’t love a new droid?

Publisher's Summary

The High Republic: Race to Crashpoint Tower is a junior novel and part of Phase 1, second wave, of the multimedia project Star Wars: The High Republic.

The Republic Fair is coming! Visitors from all over the galaxy are traveling to the planet Valo for a massive, awe-inspiring festival celebrating the Republic. While his fellow Valons prepare for the fair, Jedi Padawan Ram Jomaram is hiding out in his favorite place: a dingy garage filled with mechanical parts and tools. But when a security alarm goes off on the nearby hilltop nicknamed Crashpoint Peak, he ventures out with his trusty droid V-18 to investigate. There he discovers that someone has knocked out Valo's communications tower—a frightening sign that Valo, and the Republic Fair, are in danger. Sure enough, as Ram races to warn the Jedi, the dreaded Nihil unleash a surprise attack! It's up to Ram to face down the enemy at Crashpoint Tower and send a call for help to the Republic. Luckily, he's about to get some assistance from unexpected new friends…

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