Adult Novel

The Clone Wars: Wild Space

Karen Miller
Dec 9, 2008
Artwork by
Narrated by
Jeff Gurner
Takes place in
22 BBY
In the
Clone Wars

This remarkable Clone Wars novel is largely a buddy-cop adventure starring Obi-Wan and Senator Bail Organa. And Obi-Wan famously isn’t overly fond of politicians. But in order to escape Zigoola, they’ll have to find common ground. This book serves as an important piece of the connectivity puzzle linking Episodes II, III, and IV, as Organa and Kenobi forge a friendship that will serve pivotal to galactic events.

Taking place early in the Clone Wars timeline, Wild Space is the story of Obi-Wan and Bail Organa going in search of a Sith holocron on the far away planet of Zigoola.

The Clone Wars novels are very accessible to fans with all levels of prior knowledge. You don’t have to have seen a single episode of the tv series or have read any other Star Wars books to be able to enjoy this. However, it features Ahsoka as a sideline character and takes place alongside Clone Wars Season One episodes Downfall of a Droid and Duel of the Droids.

Publisher's Summary

The Clone Wars have exploded across the galaxy as Republic forces and Separatists struggle to gain the upper hand. But while the Jedi generals work tirelessly to defeat Count Dooku and his rebels, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is hatching his own dark plans.

The Separatists have launched a sneak attack on Coruscant. Obi-Wan Kenobi, wounded in battle, insists that Anakin Skywalker and his rookie Padawan Ahsoka leave on a risky mission against General Grievous. But when Senator Bail Organa reveals explosive intelligence that could turn the tide of war in the Republic’s favor, the Jedi Master agrees to accompany him to an obscure planet on the Outer Rim to verify the facts. What Obi-Wan and Bail don’t realize is that they’re walking into a deadly trap concocted by Palpatine . . . and that escape may not be an option.

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