Graphic Novel

The Clone Wars: The Colossus of Destiny

Jeremy Barlow
Dec 23, 2009
Artwork by
Matt Fillbach, Shawn Fillbach
Narrated by
Takes place in
22 BBY
In the
Clone Wars

Publisher's Summary

TO JEDI MASTER MACE WINDU, the planet Simocadia isn't just another world caught up in the Clone Wars; he has a long history with its people - and friendship with the planet's royal family. When a battle between the Sepratists and the Republic over a rare mineral source threatens to destroy the ancient society, the rulers of Simocadia resist more assistance from the Republic. Instead, they choose another option to save their world: awakening the Ardana Shadex, an indestructible mechanised giant that has been sleeping for centuries under the planet's surface! But awakening the colossus could cost many lives and cause more destruction that the current war. Mace races against time and across a dangerous landscape to prevent disaster.

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