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Bill Olmesdahl, Stewart V. Werley, Brian Murphy, Steven H. Lorenz, Ivan Garczynski
Jun 1, 1993
Artwork by
Paul Daly
Narrated by
Takes place in
In the

Publisher's Summary

Supernova is a roleplaying game book written by Bill Olmesdahl, published by West End Games in June 1993. The inhabitants of the Demophon system face a threat far greater than that of the Empire: their sun is about to go supernova destroying all life on the worlds around it. A band of determined Rebels must act of save those the Empire deems unfit to live while solving the dark mysteries of Demophon. Encounter the bizarre Ssithers and the monstrous iagoin; struggle to survive the virus codenamed "Mynock"; battle your way into the heart of Imperial Security to rescue Rebel prisoners. This explosive new adventure collection features five exciting mini-adventures and an overview of the Demophon system.

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