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Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Alien Anthology

Eric Cagle, Cory J. Herndon, Michael Mikaelian, Steve Miller, Owen K.C. Stephens, and J.D. Wiker
Apr 19, 2003
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From the Outer Rim to the Galactic Core, countless different species populate the galaxy. While most members of each of these alien races share similar characteristics, among every species--from Geonosians and Jawas to Clawdites and Krish--great heroes and despicable villains can be found. This sourcebook features: • Descriptions of 180 alien species, including those from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. • New prestige classes, including the Aerobat, the Changeling, and the Findsman. • Species-specific gear and weapons, including Nagai electromesh armor, the Cerean meditation crystal, and the Kerestian darkstick. To use this sourcebook, you also need the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook.

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