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Rules of Engagement: The Rebel SpecForce Handbook

Timothy S. O'Brien
Jul 1, 1997
Artwork by
Tim Bobko, Jacen Burrows, Storn Cook, Joey Robinson, Brian Schomburg
Narrated by
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Publisher's Summary

Rules of Engagement: The Rebel SpecForce Handbook is a sourcebook for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. It covers various topics related to the Rebel SpecForce. They undertake only the most difficult missions. They are experts in hand-to-hand combat, weapons, tactics, and survival. They are the Rebel Alliance's most elite soldiers, fighting the best the Empire has to offer. They are the Rebel SpecForces. Infiltrate a secret Imperial installation to rescue captured Rebel spies. Steal prototype weapons from the heart of the Empire. Sow confusion and destruction behind enemy lines. Perform missions that other soldiers consider impossible. Rules of Engagement gives you all the information needed to run a SpecForce campaign, featuring: Detailed descriptions of the elite forces of the Empire. New weapons, equipment and vehicles. New SpecForce character templates. Dozens of optional rules that reflect the dangerous nature of hit-and-fade combat. A guide to commando training and SpecForce operational tactics.

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