Adult Novel


Paul S. Kemp
Oct 25, 2011
Artwork by
Narrated by
Alec Volz
Takes place in
41 ABY
In the
Set in the aftermath of the events of the Fate of the Jedi series, "Riptide" follows former Sith Lord Jaden Korr as he struggles to come to terms with his dark past and forge a new path as a Jedi. When Jaden receives a distress call from a remote planet, he and his fellow Jedi, Valin Horn and Marr Idi-Shael, rush to answer the call and investigate a mysterious and powerful disturbance in the Force. As Jaden and his companions arrive on the planet, they uncover a deadly plot that could have far-reaching consequences for the galaxy. With new adversaries on their trail and old enemies seeking revenge, Jaden and his fellow Jedi must race against time to unravel the truth behind the disturbance and stop a dangerous threat from unleashing chaos across the galaxy. But Jaden's journey is not just about battling external foes. He must also confront his own inner demons, wrestle with his temptations to succumb to the dark side, and find redemption in the face of past mistakes. Along the way, he encounters new allies, faces unexpected challenges, and makes heart-wrenching decisions that will shape his destiny and the fate of the galaxy.

Publisher's Summary

When a ship full of Sith warriors arrived in Galactic Alliance space, the fight to destroy it accidentally uncovered a hidden menace: a long-hidden group of clones, secretly created as insidious weapons capable of wielding the Force and heedless of the differences between light side and dark side. Now the clones have escaped—and evidence suggests that they are flawed by genetic disease and violent madness.

Jedi Knight Jaden Korr pursues the clones, hoping to heal them but prepared to destroy them. What he doesn’t know is that Sith agents are hot on his heels, determined not only to recover the clones for their Master but to capture Jaden for their own dark-side purposes. In a life-or-death battle, Jaden will confront a shocking reality that will rock him to his core and bring him face-to-face with the question of what makes a man . . . and a Jedi.

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