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Return of the Jedi: The National Public Radio Dramatization

Brian Daley
Nov 12, 1996
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THE RETURN OF THE JEDI MOVIE CROWNED THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION OF THE STAR WARS(c) TRILOGY. BUT HERE ARE SOME SCENES YOU HAVE NEVER WITNESSED BEFORE . . . Luke Skywalker returns to Tatooine to build a new lightsaber with the Adegan crystals * Threepio confers with Arica, Jabba's dancing girl who is secretly the Emperor's Hand, Mara Jade * Disguised as the humble sand skiff guard Tamtel Skreej, Lando Calrissian plots with Princess Leia in anticipation of Luke's arrival at Jabba's palace * The Millennium Falcon narrowly escapes the Imperial blockade of Tatooine * The Rebels outline their strategies in the Alliance briefing room before launching the fateful assault against the second Death Star The six episodes of this new radio dramatization script are packed with crucial new scenes and colorful dialogue. And a behind-the-mike introduction by the one and only C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, offers us a rare glimpse into the recording studio, highlighting the challenges they faced in bringing this thrilling sci-fi classic to life on radio with only sound effects, vivid descriptions, and the actor's voices to set the stage and maintain the thrilling pace. The story of Return of the Jedi is back as you've never seen it before. You just may never look at Star Wars(c) the same way again!

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