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Republic Commando: Triple Zero

Karen Traviss
Feb 28, 2006
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Takes place in
21 BBY
In the
Clone Wars
The second installment in the Republic Commando series brings Omega Squad together with Delta Squad—units with plenty of rivalry between them—in order to stop an internal terror threat on Coruscant. It also develops the Mandalorian mercenary-turned commando instructor Kal Skirata as a main character. It takes the foundation laid in Hard Contact and adds more complexity, character development, and clones into the mix for an excellent Clone Wars novel.

Publisher's Summary

Following the eruption of the bloody Clone Wars at the battle of Geonosis, both sides remain deadlocked in a stalemate that can be broken only by elite warrior teams like Omega Squad, clone commandos with terrifying combat skills and a lethal arsenal. . . .

For Omega Squad, deployed deep behind enemy lines, it’s the same old special ops grind: sabotage, espionage, ambush, and assassination. But when Omega Squad is rushed to Coruscant, the war’s most dangerous new hotspot, the commandos discover they’re not the only ones penetrating the heart of the enemy.

A surge in Separatist attacks has been traced to a network of Sep terror cells in the Republic’s capital, masterminded by a mole in Command Headquarters. To identify and destroy a Separatist spy and terror network in a city full of civilians will require special talents and skills. Not even the leadership of Jedi generals, along with the assistance of Delta squad and a certain notorious ARC trooper, can even the odds against the Republic Commandos. And while success may not bring victory in the Clone Wars, failure means certain defeat.

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Jared Mayes - Republic Commando: Triple Zero - Adult Novel
Jared Mayes
Legends Lookback Lead Host
The second book in the Republic Commando series is a massive leap forward as Traviss develops more characters such as Kal Skirata, Ordo, Walon Vau, and Delta Squad and gets to the emotional heart of the series. This time, several characters are given the space to develop illicit relationships that call into question the rights of the clones and what it truly means to be Jedi, Mandalorians, and clones. Though very problematic in one storyline, I found this a top-tier Legends book and can't wait to read more of the series.
Andrew Bell - Republic Commando: Triple Zero - Adult Novel
Andrew Bell
Video Department Coordinator
Wow. After finishing the first book in this series (Hard Contact) and absolutely loving it, I was told that it was likely the weakest in the series and that it only gets better. Which was an exciting thing to hear but also slightly intimidating. I am happy to report that even with the heavy expectations I had for this book, it still blew me away. All of the small parts of the first book that captivated my imagination were given much more agency, and one of my favorite plot threads was heavily featured. I'm starting to think that Republic Commando series may just be the most beautiful hidden gem in the entire EU.
Meg Dowell - Republic Commando: Triple Zero - Adult Novel
Meg Dowell
Something I always loved about The Clone Wars TV series is how it gave each clone his own name, look, and personality despite each one having the same face and function. This book series does the same thing, but even takes it a step further and adds in elements of family ties and even romance. True Colors, the second book in the series, is especially heavy with Mandalorian lore and introduces readers to some of the most unforgettable characters in Legends, including Mird. We could all use our own Mird in real life. If you like The Clone Wars, you'll love these books. Start with the first one though!

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