Single Issue Comic

Republic #66: Show of Force, Part 2

John Ostrander
Jun 30, 2004
Artwork by
Jan Duursema
Narrated by
Takes place in
21 BBY
In the
Clone Wars

Publisher's Summary

Four Jedi with prices on their heads versus a space station full of bounty hunters! Really, need we say more? Mace Windu'has decided that it's time for the Jedi to flex their muscles demonstrate to the'Bounty Hunters' Guild'the folly of attacking Jedi. It's going to be'a hard lesson, and one the Guild won't soon forget. Meanwhile, Count'Dooku'sends renegade Jedi'Quinlan Vos'to teach a similar lesson to the person'who originated the'bounties. Is it a case of opposite sides working toward the same end, or are the'Separatists'still one step ahead of the Jedi?

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