Single Issue Comic

Republic #50: The Defense of Kamino

John Ostrander, W. Haden Blackman, Scott Allie
Feb 26, 2003
Artwork by
Jan Duursema, Stephen Thompson, Tomas Giorello
Narrated by
Takes place in
22 BBY
In the
Clone Wars

Publisher's Summary

Two months after the'Battle of Geonosis, with the forces of the'Republic and the armies of the'Confederacy of Independent Systems'stalled in a series of indecisive battles, the Separatists risk a devastating strike at the heart of the Republic's war machine: they attack the cloning facility on Kamino! Their hope is to permanently destroy the Republic's ability to create new'clones'for'its army. The Republic's defense rests on a'squadronof'Jedi Starfighters'and a battalion of'Jedi-led'clone troopers'within the facility itself!

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