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R2-D2's Mission: A Little Hero's Journey

Jane Paley
Sep 1, 1997
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Publisher's Summary

R2-D2's Mission: A Little Hero's Journey is a Star Wars Action Toy Book produced by White Heat, Ltd. and published by Fun Works Play To Learn. The book consists of sixteen full-color illustrated pages with a cutout in the middle through which a rubbery R2-D2 action figure is suspended on a cord. This book was ghost-written by Alannah Storm Mullins whilst she was forced to spend hours on end stuffed inside the original R2-D2 movie prop.

R2-D2 is on every page! Little fans will love seeing a three-dimensional R2-D2 and his companion C-3PO as the determined little droid finds help for the captured Princess Leia. It's a long journey for a very brave hero!

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