YA Novel

Queen's Shadow

E. K. Johnston
Mar 5, 2019
Artwork by
Narrated by
Catherine Taber
Takes place in
28 BBY
In the
Fall of the Jedi
Part of the
"Queen" Trilogy

What does one do after ruling an entire planet? For Padmé Amidala, that answer came easily: move on to even bigger things. However, transitioning from the throne on Naboo to a seat in the Galactic Senate is not without challenges, especially at such a young age. Uneasy alliances, ruthless media, and hidden agendas not only leave her wondering how she can possibly hope to instate positive change in the galaxy, but also how she can survive long enough to do it.

EK Johnston’s story bridges the gap between the Padmé fans see in The Phantom Menace and the one they see in Attack of the Clones. It largely expounds upon Naboo culture, including the fashion, government, and the role of the handmaidens.

Publisher's Summary

Written by the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Ahsoka! When Padmé Naberrie, "Queen Amidala" of Naboo, steps down from her position, she is asked by the newly-elected queen to become Naboo's representative in the Galactic Senate. Padmé is unsure about taking on the new role, but cannot turn down the request to serve her people. Together with her most loyal handmaidens, Padmé must figure out how to navigate the treacherous waters of politics and forge a new identity beyond the queen's shadow.

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Heather Goldman - Queen's Shadow - YA Novel
Heather Goldman
Community Department Manager
Queen's Shadow does not do any justice to E.K. Johnston's talents. Many parts of this book opened up for some sort of potential, only to be cut short. 90% of the book is about choosing outfits, and nothing significant really happens until the very end and even then those parts aren't very substantial. If you're going to read it, it's better to think of it as "The Phantom Menace: Deleted Scenes" and listen to the audiobook so you can witness Catherine Taber trying her hand at Palpatine's voice.
Eric Eilersen - Queen's Shadow - YA Novel
Eric Eilersen
Queen's Shadow introduced me to a world that I didn't know I had been wanting for years. I loved the way that Johnston handled Padmé's evolution from Queen to Senator, and more than a lot of other novels, this story really brought us inside her head to experience her growth right alongside her. Whenever I go back to the prequels, there's no way that I won't look at the handmaidens with a renewed sense of respect and purpose, and I desperately hope we get more stories that are hinted at near the end!
Jared Mayes - Queen's Shadow - YA Novel
Jared Mayes
Legends Lookback Lead Host
Padmé has been in dire need of her own book and expectations were high for Queen’s Shadow. Her character is treated with a lot of love and this was clearly a dream project for Johnston. Queen’s Shadow is both deeply personal and political, focusing more on the character moments and little details such as Padmé’s wardrobe than on any kind of a grand space opera plot. While the details can be tedious and the story lacking in action, Queen’s Shadow perfectly weaves together the various versions of Padmé that we get from Episodes I, II, and the Clone Wars. While far from my favorite Star Wars book, I’m so glad we got this book, I absolutely couldn't put it down, and expect great things from the other entries in the series!

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