Graphic Novel

Poe Dameron Vol. 2: The Gathering Storm (Trade Paperback)

Charles Soule
Jul 3, 2017
Artwork by
Phil Noto
Narrated by
Takes place in
32 ABY
In the
Rise of the First Order
Poe Dameron: #8-13
Picking up where Poe Dameron Volume I: Black Squadron leaves off, this next installment collects Issues 8-13 of Charles Soule's Marvel Comics series. Terex continues to hunt Black Squadron, and Poe is forced to wonder just how it is his nemesis always knows their next move. But first, he and C-3PO have an important mission assigned by none other than General Leia Organa.

Publisher's Summary

Continuing the adventures of the ace pilot hero of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens! Poe Dameron faces the wrath of a vengeful Agent Terex! But how does Terex always seem to know what Black Squadron is doing? Could there truly be a traitor in the Squadron's midst? Poe will undertake a secret mission from General Organa herself…to escort none other than C-3PO on a dangerous mission to the planet Kaddak! But what will be revealed in a peek into Terex's past?

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