Short Story

Or Die Trying

Sean Williams and Shane Dix
Mar 19, 2004
Artwork by
Leanne Buckley
Narrated by
Takes place in
28 ABY
In the
New Jedi Order

Publisher's Summary

"Jaina Solo is on a mission to stop a scientist from offering villains that most terrible weapon: eternal life." ―Star Wars Insider 75's synopsis of "Or Die Trying" "Or Die Trying" is a short story by Sean Williams and Shane Dix that features the Jedi Knight Jaina Solo infiltrating the headquarters of Onadax Droid Technologies on the planet Onadax. The company has manufactured a Human replica droid (HRD) that betrayed the citizens of Bakura, and Solo hopes to bring them to justice for the crimes committed by their clients. She confronts an HRD named Stanton Rendar and engages him in a discussion regarding the moral implications of immortality and near-invincibility, but ultimately remains firm in her convictions and prepares to apprehend him. Rendar looses a group of battle droids on Solo and sets the compound to self-destruct, but she defeats the droids and escapes while Rendar flees the planet.

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