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Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka

L. Neil Smith
Nov 12, 1983
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Set after the events of "Return of the Jedi," this action-packed novel follows Lando as he navigates the changing landscape of the galaxy after the fall of the Empire. When Lando receives a desperate plea for help from an old friend, he is drawn into a deadly conflict involving a powerful warlord and a mysterious and ancient starcave rumored to hold unimaginable riches and secrets. As Lando embarks on this new quest, he reunites with familiar allies like Chewbacca and the droid Vuffi Raa, as well as encounters new faces and dangerous adversaries along the way. He must rely on his quick wit, charm, and resourcefulness to outmaneuver his enemies and unravel the mysteries of the starcave. But the challenges Lando faces go beyond the physical dangers. He must also confront his own past mistakes and grapple with difficult choices that could have far-reaching consequences. As he delves deeper into the secrets of the starcave, Lando uncovers truths about himself and the galaxy that he never imagined, testing his mettle and resolve to the fullest.

Publisher's Summary

For a year Lando Calrissian and Vuffi Raa, his five-armed robot astrogator, had roamed space in the Millennium Falcon, seeking or creating opportunities to turn an easy, but not too dishonest, credit.

But now their partnership seemed doomed—for Lando's uncharacteristic impulse to help a race of persecuted aliens had suddenly made him and Vuffi vulnerable to several sets of their own enemies…not least of whom was the evil Rokur Gepta, the Sorcerer of Tund!

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