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Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu

L. Neil Smith
Jun 12, 1983
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Set in the time before Lando became the administrator of Cloud City, this thrilling novel follows the daring exploits of the young and ambitious Lando as he embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover the secrets of the lost technology of the ancient Sharu civilization. When he receives a mysterious offer that promises untold riches and power, Lando can't resist the temptation, and he sets off on a perilous journey to the remote planet of Mimban, where the Mindharp of Sharu is said to be located. As Lando delves deeper into the mysteries of the Mindharp, he encounters a cast of colorful characters, including smugglers, mercenaries, and rival treasure hunters, as well as strange and deadly creatures that lurk in the shadows. Along the way, he must decipher ancient riddles, solve intricate puzzles, and confront deadly challenges to unlock the power of the Mindharp and claim its secrets for himself. But Lando soon realizes that the stakes are much higher than he anticipated. The ancient technology of the Sharu holds immense power and could change the course of the galaxy forever. As he races against time to unravel the secrets of the Mindharp, Lando must navigate treacherous landscapes, outwit his enemies, and confront his own personal demons to succeed in his quest.

Publisher's Summary

Gambler, rogue, and con-artiste, Lando Calrissian was born with a well-developed taste for the good life. More comfortable at the dealer's end of a fast shuffle than at the rear end of a blaster, Lando always had his sensors scanning for the chance to pick up easy credits.

So when he heard that the planets of the Rafa System were practically buried in ancient alien treasure, he hopped aboard the Millennium Falcon and brushed up on his rusty astrogation. He never stopped to think that someone might be conning the con man...

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