Junior Reader

Junior Jedi Knights #3: Promises

Nancy Richardson
Apr 1, 1996
Artwork by
Narrated by
Takes place in
22 ABY
In the
New Republic
In a way that is redeemed beautifully by Anakin Skywalker's hatred for the sandpeople in Attack of the Clones, in the Junior Jedi Knights we find Anakin Solo befriending Tahiri Veila, who was raised by sandpeople on Tatooine. In this book Tahiri and Anakin go to Tatooine to solve the mystery of the Golden Globe and to discover the truth of Tahiri's parentage. Plus, they battle a Krayt Dragon!

Publisher's Summary

With the help of her friend Anakin Solo, Tahiri, a young girl raised by the treacherous Tusken Raiders, sets out to prove herself worthy and to discover the secret of her past and mystery of her real parents.

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