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Han Solo At Stars' End

Brian Daley
Apr 1, 1979
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At Star’s End is the first book in Brian Daley’s Han Solo Adventures trilogy that depicts Han and Chewie working jobs throughout the Corporate Sector of the galaxy. In this novel, they discover a close friend and brilliant ship mechanic has been imprisoned by the Authority and go to rescue him. However, they didn’t plan on him being locked away in Star’s End—one of the most bizarre, nightmarish prisons the galaxy has to offer.

First published in 1979, Brian Daley was one of the earliest authors to write backstory for Han and Chewbacca with At Star’s End. Though it has many unfamiliar elements from the Original Trilogy—most notably the Authority and the Corporate Sector—Daley still manages to write a highly enjoyable rendition of these beloved characters that rings entirely true.

Publisher's Summary

Han Solo trusts no one, and does no favors. But when the best illegal ship rebuilder in the galaxy disappears, Han and Chewbacca agree to go after him—after all, the Millennium Falcon needs some very special repairs. Their search pits them against powerful and ruthless enemies out to destroy them, and finally leads them to an airless speck of desolate asteroid—the Authority prison planet known as Stars' End.

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