Adult Novel


Aaron Allston
Feb 27, 2007
Artwork by
Narrated by
Marc Thompson
Takes place in
40 ABY
In the

As the fourth book in nine book series, this novel continues to build on the plot lines of books 1-3. Exile also brings back Wedge, Lando, and Booster to help aid the main characters and their plot points. The story is told from multiple character perspectives and is packed with steady action.

We begin with Han and Leia in exile, Jacen Solo continues to struggle, while the tensions between the Alliance and the Confederation are at an all time high, and Ben Skywalker embarks on a solo mission that seems key to his character's development.

Publisher's Summary

In the Stars Wars galaxy, evil is on the move as the Galactic Alliance and Jedi order battle forces seen and unseen, from rampant internal treachery to the nightmare of all-out war.

With each victory against the Corellian rebels, Jacen Solo becomes more admired, more powerful, and more certain of achieving galactic peace. But that peace may come with a price. Despite strained relationships caused by opposing sympathies in the war, Han and Leia Solo and Luke and Mara Skywalker remain united by one frightening suspicion: someone insidious is manipulating this war, and if he or she isn't stopped, all efforts at reconciliation may be for naught. And as sinister visions lead Luke to believe that the source of the evil is none other than Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith, the greatest peril revolves around Jacen himself.

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