Legends Epic Collection: The Old Republic Vol. 1

Various Authors
Jul 21, 2015
Artwork by
Narrated by
Takes place in
3694 BBY - 3963 BBY
In the
Old Republic
Part of the
Epic Collection
*see book profile for details
This massive comics collection begins legendary Star Wars writer John Jackson Miller’s seminal run of Knights of the Old Republic. Not to be confused with the video game of the same title, Miller’s comics focus on Jedi-on-the-run Zayne Carrick as he is framed for a massacre of Padawans. In order to survive and find who’s responsible, he is forced into an unconventional alliance with an unscrupulous band of misfits. Set almost four thousand years BBY, the series is set during the Mandalorian Wars, which serves as the catalyst event leading into the KOTOR video game. Knights of the Old Republic ran for fifty issues and was one of Dark Horse’s best selling comics series.

Publisher's Summary

A long, LONG time ago… Discover the state of the Star Wars galaxy in the distant past in this first volume of an Epic Collection series focusing on the ancient Knights of the Old Republic! When young Jedi Zayne Carrick is framed for the murder of his fellow Padawans, he is forced into an unlikely alliance with the Snivvian con artist Marn Hierogryph. Their quest to reveal the horrifying truth, and to obtain justice for the Padawan Massacre, joins them with Jarael and Camper aboard the junk hauler The Last Resort — and their adventures will take them from the research station Flashpoint to the banking planet Telerath! Brace yourself for days of fear… and nights of anger! Collects: Knights of The Old Republic #0-18

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