Short Story

Emissary of the Void (Parts IV V VI)

Greg Keyes
Sep 13, 2002
Artwork by
Narrated by
Takes place in
26 ABY
In the
New Jedi Order

Publisher's Summary

Emissary of the Void is a six-part serialized epic by Greg Keyes set during the New Jedi Order. It is considered the tenth installment of the New Jedi Order series. The first three parts of the story were printed in Star Wars Gamer 8-10 until the end of the title's run. The final three parts were later published in Star Wars Insider 62-64. The first three parts of the story, Battle on Bonadan, Dark Tidings and The War on Wayland; were made freely available online at StarWars.com, prior to the printing of the final three chapters, Relic of Ruin, A Perilous Plan and Emissary of the Void in Insider. All six chapters were later reprinted on Hyperspace for members only. To this date, Emissary of the Void is the only New Jedi Order tale not to be collected in print, in its entirety, or released as an eBook.

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