Adult Novel

Darth Plagueis (The Essential Legends Collection)

James Luceno
Apr 5, 2022
Artwork by
Narrated by
Takes place in
67 BBY - 32 BBY
In the
Rise of the Sith

Publisher's Summary

Darth Plagueis (The Essential Legends Collection)

Wave 3 of the Essential Legends Collections Series to celebrate

Darth Plagueis: Like all Sith Lords before him, he craves absolute power. But like no Sith Lord ever, he possesses the ultimate power—over life and death.

Darth Sidious: In secret he masters the power of the dark side, while publicly climbing to the highest government office.

One desires to rule supreme; the other dreams of living forever. Together, they will destroy the Jedi and rule the galaxy. Unless merciless Sith tradition becomes their undoing. . . .

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