Adult Novel

Dark Forces: Jedi Knight

William C. Dietz
Oct 14, 1998
Artwork by
Narrated by
A Full Cast
Takes place in
In the
New Republic
The culmination of the Dark Forces trilogy follows the storyline established not only in the Soldier for the Empire and Rebel Agent books, but also the Dark Forces video games—including the obscure Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and its DLC, Mysteries of the Sith. Due to its heavy referencing of previous material, you’re likely to be doing some digging on the internet in order to be up to speed even if you’ve read the previous entries in the trilogy. Jedi Knight continues the story of Kyle Katarn’s battle against the Dark Jedi Jerec on the planet Ruusan. Each book in the Dark Forces Trilogy contains 25 original illustrations and even received an audio drama adaptation.

Publisher's Summary

Kyle Katarn, Rebel agent and novice Jedi, has just returned from his covert operation to find the location of the Valley of the Jedi. But he knows that the evil Jerec, a dark Jedi with designs on the Empire's throne, knows where the Valley is too. Upon returning to the Alliance, and with the support of Luke Skywalker himself, Kyle offers to find the Valley and stop the oncoming Imperial invasion—and, at last, fulfill his destiny as a Jedi.

Based on the popular Star Wars: DARK FORCES and Star Wars: JEDI KNIGHT interactive games, Jedi Knight is part three of a trilogy written by acclaimed author William C. Dietz (Steelheart) and illustrated by award-winning Star Wars cover artist Dave Dorman.

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