Graphic Novel

Dark Droids: D-Squad (Trade Paperback)

Marc Guggenheim
Mar 5, 2024
Artwork by
Salva Espín
Narrated by
Takes place in
In the
Age of Rebellion
Issue #1-4

Publisher's Summary

Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad

This is a trade paperback collecting all 4 issues of the Marvel Comics Dark Droids: D-Squad miniseries.

The unsung heroes of the Clone Wars return!

A terrible scourge is corrupting the galaxy’s droids! To fight this menace, R2-D2 has to assemble a team of droid heroes: the D-Squad! It’s a crew filled with guest stars from across the galaxy, including a special appearance by (and a special showdown with) the fan-favorite droid Chopper from STAR WARS REBELS! Plus: The Book of Ajax provides the missing pieces linking STAR WARS: REVELATIONS, STAR WARS: DARK DROIDS and STAR WARS: HAN SOLO & CHEWBACCA — read to learn how it’s all connected!

COLLECTING: Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad (2023) #1-4

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