Graphic Novel

Bounty Hunters Vol. 1: Galaxy's Deadliest (Trade Paperback)

Ethan Sacks
Nov 24, 2020
Artwork by
Paolo Villanelli
Narrated by
Takes place in
In the
Age of Rebellion
Bounty Hunters #1 – 5
The name says it all! The Bounty Hunter comic brings together all of your favorite professionals along with some fresh faces. When the best in the business combine forces, there’s no question they’ll get the job done. As you know, bounty hunters don’t play games.

Publisher's Summary

Bounty Hunters Vol. 1: Galaxy's Deadliest

A trade paperback of Marvel Comics' Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, collecting issues 1–5

Never betray a bounty hunter - especially if it's Boba Fett! Years ago, Valance and Bossk joined Fett on a mission that went sideways in a bad way, thanks to a violent betrayal by Valance's mentor Nakano Lash! The trio barely escaped with their lives. Now, Lash has finally resurfaced under mysterious circumstances - and every bounty hunter in the galaxy wants a piece. Valance is hell-bent on getting to the prize first; after all, he has score to settle...but so does Boba Fett! With a slew of assassins on her tail, what could have possibly made Lash break her word and betray her protégé? The truth could shake the foundations of the galaxy's criminal underworld! The biggest, baddest bounty hunters of all clash in a rip-roaring tale of scum and villainy, Star Wars-style!


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