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Battlefront II: Inferno Squad

Christie Golden
Jul 25, 2017
Artwork by
Narrated by
Janina Gavankar
Takes place in
In the
Age of Rebellion
This book works both as a stand alone novel, and also as an excellent companion to the Battlefront II campaign.
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It’s not often we get to see conflicts in the Star Wars saga from the other side’s point of view. In most Star Wars stories, the heroes are Jedi, rebels, the “good guys.” We forget that from the point of view of an Imperial, the rebels are the evil ones, the ones that must be stopped: the “bad guys.”

In Christie Golden’s Inferno Squad, the attack on the first Death Star is an offense that must be avenged. Iden Versio and her team of special Imperial agents must go undercover to infiltrate Saw Gerrera’s group of Partisans and eliminate their threat. A prequel to Battlefront II, this book offers a new perspective on the aftermath of the events of A New Hope and what remaining Imperial troops were forced to endure in order to survive.

Publisher's Summary

After the humiliating theft of the Death Star plans and the destruction of the battle station, the Empire is on the defensive. But not for long. In retaliation, the elite Imperial soldiers of Inferno Squad have been called in for the crucial mission of infiltrating and eliminating the Partisans—the rebel faction once led by notorious Republic freedom fighter Saw Gerrera.

Following the death of their leader, the Partisans have carried on his extremist legacy, determined to thwart the Empire—no matter the cost. Now Inferno Squad must prove its status as the best of the best and take down the Partisans from within. But the growing threat of being discovered in their enemy’s midst turns an already dangerous operation into a do-or-die acid test they dare not fail. To protect and preserve the Empire, to what lengths will Inferno Squad go . . . and how far beyond them?

The Rebellion may have heroes like Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker. But the Empire has Inferno Squad.

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Our Verdict

This book works both as a stand alone novel, and also as an excellent companion to the Battlefront II campaign.

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Heather Goldman - Battlefront II: Inferno Squad - Adult Novel
Heather Goldman
Community Department Manager
The story of Iden Versio is rather unique. She is a skilled spec ops solider for the Empire with her father holding a high rank in the military. While Iden’s father is a strict, to-the-book military official, her mother is a carefree artist. Those opposing personalities in her parents shape Iden into a fierce soldier who also stops to question the morality of her actions. If you are planning to play the single-player campaign for the Battlefront II video game, then this novel is a must-read.
Charles Hanckel - Battlefront II: Inferno Squad - Adult Novel
Charles Hanckel
Vice President, Podcast Department Coordinator, Podcast Host
Inferno Squad is a fun read that helps you understand what undercover Imperial special forces units are like. This books mainly panders to those who played the campaign mode in the accompanying video game, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and enjoyed the characters. What makes the audiobook especially engrossing is that the voice actor who played Iden Versio in the game is who narrates this book. If you love Iden, Imperials, or just general Star Wars military books, this is a great choice for you.
Eric Eilersen - Battlefront II: Inferno Squad - Adult Novel
Eric Eilersen
For fans of the Battlefront II video game and the inner workings of the Galactic Empire, Inferno Squad simply can't be put down. Christie Golden writes an interesting tale of espionage, morality, and badassery that fleshes out the game's protagonist while also shining a light on secrets that the Rebels and Empire, alike, would much prefer stay in the shadows.

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