Single Issue Comic

Age Of Resistance: Captain Phasma

Tom Taylor
Jul 10, 2019
Artwork by
Leonard Kirk
Narrated by
Takes place in
34 ABY
In the
Rise of the First Order
Within the First Order, Captain Phasma is considered a leader worth following. Within the mass of stormtroopers she commands, there is at least one admirer who wants nothing more than to follow in her footsteps. But Phasma wants to make one thing clear: There is no one else like her, and never will be. There can only ever be one warrior in shining armor. Part of Marvel’s Age of Resistance series of one-shots, this issue takes readers deeper into the truly evil nature of one of the sequel trilogy’s most underrated villains.

Publisher's Summary

STORMTROOPERS don't get a name. They are simply a tool of the EMPIRE. But PHASMA has a name, and one young soldier wants what she has. One stormtrooper has ambition. And this ambition is on a collision course with CAPTAIN PHASMA.

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