Finally Understand the
Star Wars Literary Universe

The Youtini Academy is a video course and exclusive online community that will teach you everything you need to know to explore the galaxy far, far away.

Finally Understand the Star Wars Literary Universe

The Youtini Academy is a video course and exclusive online community that will teach you everything you need to know to explore the galaxy far, far away.
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300 books and comics distilled into hours of compelling material.
The only course in existence guaranteed to increase your love of Star Wars.
An engaging community of like-minded and positive fans.

Access the knowledge of hundreds of Star Wars books and comics in one comprehensive video course.

Thousands of Hours of Research In One Course

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Discover the secrets of the Star Wars literary universe and become the ultimate fan.

Ready to dive deep into the world of Star Wars books, comics, movies, and series? You're in the right place!

Understanding the connections, timelines, and intricacies of the Star Wars literary universe can be overwhelming.

Where do you start? How do you navigate the relationships between Canon and Legends? How can you find a like-minded community to discuss and explore the Star Wars universe with?

Introducing the Youtini Academy – your ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the expansive world of Star Wars literature.

With hours of easy-to-digest, fun video lessons, you'll gain the knowledge to navigate the Star Wars literary universe. Our expert teachers, the best minds in the Star Wars fan world, will guide you through the process, ensuring you save time on research and dive straight into the action.

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Here’s What You’ll Master in the Course

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Course
Welcome to the course, where you will embark on a journey to explore the vast Star Wars literary universe.  This chapter provides an overview of the course structure, topics covered, and learning objectives.
1.1 Introduction
1.2 About the Course
1.3 Who are my Instructors?
1.4 The Journey to Knighthood
1.5 Your First Steps into a Larger World
Chapter 2: A History of Star Wars Publishing
This chapter delves into the rich history of Star Wars publishing, from its origins to the present day. Discover the key milestones in the development of the Star Wars literary world.
2.1 An Intro to Star Wars History and Publishing
2.2 A Brief History of Star Wars Publishing
2.3 The Legends Rebrand
2.4 Adventures of the Younglings
Chapter 3: Canon vs Legends
Learn the distinctions between official Star Wars Canon and the Legends continuity, and understand their significance. Explore how some stories can blur the lines between Canon and Legends, and how the two continuities interact.
3.1 The Difference between Canon and Legends
3.2 Blurring the Lines
3.3 Common Questions
3.4 The Gathering
Chapter 4: The Best Books to Read First
Discover why selecting the right first books is essential for diving into the Star Wars literary universe. Meet the Youtini Essential Six: Star Wars books recommended for newcomers to the galaxy far, far away.
4.1 The Importance of the First Books
4.2 The Youtini Essential Six
4.3 A Ceremony to Remember
Chapter 5: Categories of Star Wars Books
Gain insight into the various categories of Star Wars books, from novels to reference guides, and everything in between. Explore unique and niche categories within the Star Wars literary universe.
5.1 Categories of Star Wars Books
5.2 Special Categories
5.3 A Master’s Test
Chapter 6: The Star Wars Timeline
Understand the structure and organization of the Star Wars timeline and how it relates to the storylines. Learn to navigate the extensive Star Wars timeline using Youtini's resources.
6.1 How the Star Wars Timeline Works
6.2 Using the Youtini Timeline
6.3 The Legends Timeline
6.4 The Canon Timeline
6.5 Differences between the Canon and Legends Timeline
6.6 The Jedi Trials
Chapter 7: Star Wars Canon
Discover the evolution of the Star Wars Canon and its significance in shaping the broader Star Wars universe. Learn about the most highly-regarded Star Wars Canon books and what makes them essential reads.
7.1 A History of Star Wars Canon
7.2 Best Canon Books
7.3 Canon Series
7.4 Audiodramas and Audiobooks
7.5 A Knight to Remember
Chapter 8: Star Wars Legends
Delve into the rich history of Star Wars Legends, the expansive collection of stories that predate the current canon. Explore the most celebrated books in the Legends universe and what makes them must-reads for any fan.
8.1 A History of Star Wars Legends
8.2 Best Legends Books
8.3 Legends Series
8.4 How to Explore Star Wars Legends
8.5 A Knight’s Tale
Chapter 9: The High Republic
Learn about this exciting new era in the Star Wars Canon, featuring an entirely new cast of characters and storylines. Discover the elements that make The High Republic an enthralling addition to the Star Wars universe.
9.1 What is The High Republic
9.2 Why is the High Republic so Exciting?
9.3 How to Read the High Republic
9.4 Youtini High Republic Resources
9.5 A Master’s Burden
Chapter 10: How to Explore the Universe
Maximize your reading experience by utilizing Youtini's resources to choose the perfect Star Wars book. Understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest Star Wars releases and their impact on the overall story.
10.1 Using Youtini Resources to Pick Your Next Book
10.2 Why You Read the Newest Releases
10.3 Finding a Community
10.4 The Weight of Tradition
Chapter 11: Star Wars Book Reading Orders
Learn about the various reading orders and how they can enhance your understanding of the Star Wars literary universe. Discover the benefits of reading Star Wars books in chronological order and how it can provide context to the overarching narrative.
11.1 Introduction to Reading Orders
11.2 Chronological Order
11.3 Publishing Order
11.4 Youtini Reading Order
11.5 The Tower of Wisdom
Chapter 12: Become an Avid Reader
Uncover techniques and tips to help you become a more passionate and dedicated Star Wars reader. Embrace your role as an avid Star Wars reader and the impact it can have on your appreciation of the franchise.
12.1 Strategies to Become an Avid Reader
12.2 A Grand Role
Chapter 13: Conclusion
Reflect on your journey through the course and the knowledge you have gained about the Star Wars literary universe.
13.1 Conclusion
13.2 Survey and Feedback
About this course
53 Lessons
4+ hours of video content
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Overwhelmed by the sheer number of Star Wars Books and Comics?

The Star Wars literary universe can be confusing to navigate, but The Academy's fun and engaging modules led by lore experts will answer all your questions and boost your love for the series.

  • Understand the connection and the difference between Canon and Legends.
  • Navigate the timeline and relationship between books, comics, movies, and series.
  • Save yourself hours of research and find all the answers to the literary universe in one place.
  • Virtual events and facilitated discussions.
  • Be a part of a supportive, positive community of Star Wars fans.
  • The only course available on the Star Wars literary universe.
  • Taught by some of the best minds in the Star Wars community.
  • Engage with the teachers and other fans in this exclusive community.
  • Easy to digest and fun video lessons. View them at your own leisure.

Your Hyperspace Lane to the Star Wars Literary Universe

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We have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

If after 30 days you’re unhappy with the course, simply send us an email stating the course is not what you were expecting, and we’ll refund you - no questions asked.

Why Was ‘The Academy’ Created?

At Youtini, our mission is to spread joy and positivity in the Star Wars community. While our content and discourse have advanced this mission, we saw a need for something more comprehensive to help fans navigate the vast literary universe.

Building the Youtini Academy has made me realize just how vast the Star Wars universe is and how fun it can be to learn everything there is to know. Rather than being intimidated by the scale of all the content there is to know, readers will be able to invest fully in the excitement of being a fan.

- Eric Eilersen
We’ve never done anything quite like this thrilling collaborative project in all my time at Youtini and I really don’t think there’s anything else like this in the Star Wars fandom. I can’t wait for the community to get to see what we’ve made!

- Jared Mayes
I’m so happy that we were able to create a product that can make something as seemingly complicated as Star Wars into a very navigable, consumable property for those who are curious about jumping into it.

- Parker Kirk
Youtini has been a huge part of my exploration into the star wars universe. The Academy funnels the best wisdom from so many experienced voices into one easy-to-follow process! it's a game changer in helping fans take their next steps into this world!

- Rick Grace
The Academy reminded me how much Star Wars publishing has changed my life, and I’m excited to see it help fans find their voice in our community.

- Timothy Guthrie
The Academy has been one of the best project’s I’ve ever worked on. It simplifies Star Wars literature and I can’t wait to see the community’s engagement.

- JG Carse

Engage with a Community of
Positive Fans

You’ll join our community of positive, like-minded fans in a similar stage of their Star Wars journey. Compared with other virtual communities, this is exclusive to members of The Academy. The teachers of the courses will be available, actively facilitating and participating in discussions.

Connect with Like-Minded  Fans
Forget chaotic Discord and Slack groups. This community is led by the teachers who are facilitating discussions. You’ll have a chance to build more personal connections.
Access to the
The teachers who created the course are active and available to answer questions. Their love of Star Wars is shared with the community, leading to a positive community.
Live Virtual
You’ll have access to exclusive LIVE events where you can engage with the teachers and other members, and discuss Star Wars in an in-person setting.

Increase Your Love and Knowledge of Star Wars By Diving into the Books and Comics for the First Time

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$57 / Lifetime Access

Meet Your Jedi Instructors

Your journey will be expertly navigated by the Youtini team, a group of seasoned experts who have collectively mastered thousands of Star Wars books from the galaxy far, far away.
Dr. Corey Helton
Dr. Corey Helton
Founder CEO / The Living Force
Eric Eilersen
Eric Eilersen
VP, Media Relations
The High Republic
Emma Parke
Emma Parke
VP, Operations
The Best Books to Read First / Reading Strategies
Freddy Contreras
Freddy Contreras
Content Creator / Legends Lookback
The History of Star Wars Publishing
Parker Kirk
Parker Kirk
Content Manager
Canon and Legends / Star Wars Reading Orders
Timothy Guthrie
Timothy Guthrie
VP, Community
Categories of Star Wars Books and Navigating Through the Literary Universe

FAQ: Here are the Answers You Seek

How long is the course?
The course is 53 lessons with over 4 hours of recorded, edited, and updated video material. Everything is pre-recorded and can be viewed at your own leisure.

Where are the course and community hosted?
Everything is on the Circle platform. The course can be viewed on a web browser or through the mobile application.

Can’t I find this info on my own?
Sure! If you have unlimited time on your hands, digging through the Youtini site, watching YouTube videos, and doing other internet research would certainly lead to the same results. But why waste hundreds of hours when this course puts everything in one place? The Academy exists to bring you all the answers to the Star Wars Literary universe and get you right to the joy of the books and comics.

Will this spoil the books for me?
Not at all! The course will enhance your experience of reading books and comics, providing context and relational information. The course does not provide summaries or spoilers as you navigate the course. In fact, that’s a key mission of the course - to get you into the books for the first time.

Is this like the Youtini Discord community?
Youtini team members are in and out of the Discord community and are not always accessible. In The Academy community, the teachers and experts are readily available to answer any specific questions. They also host virtual events and facilitate discussions.

What’s the refund policy?
If after 30 Days you’re unhappy with the course, simply send us an email stating the course is not what you were expecting and we’ll refund you 100% with no questions asked.

The Academy will be your guide as you rise from Padawan to Master.

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$57 / Lifetime Access

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