Graphic Novel

The High Republic Adventures (2023) Volume 1 (Trade paperback)

Daniel José Older
Aug 27, 2024
Artwork by
Harvey Tolibao
Narrated by
Takes place in
228 BBY
In the
High Republic
The High Republic Adventures (2023) #1-5

Publisher's Summary

The High Republic Adventures (2023) Volume 1

A trade paperback collecting issues #1-5 from Dark Horse Comics The High Republic Adventures (2023) Series

Hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga, there was The High Republic! The final phase of this groundbreaking story starts here, as the forces of light and life battle against the villainous Nihil!

It's been one year since the fall of Starlight Beacon. Since then, Zeen Mrala, Jedi Knight Qort, and their allies have been picking up the pieces, searching for their friends amidst the wreckage. All the while, the marauders known as the Nihil have advanced further into Republic space, leaving destruction in their wake. But hope is rekindled when Zeen finds new evidence of survivors scattered throughout the galaxy. Who else escaped the fall of Starlight Beacon alive, and where have they been during these past months? Follow Zeen and her friends as they uncover the answers to these questions, rebuild their team, and head into battle for light and life!


  • The High Republic Adventures (2023) #1-5

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