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Starfighter Combat in the Star Wars Universe

Douglas Kaufman
Oct 1, 1987
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Star Warriors: Starfighter Combat in the Star Wars Universe is a roleplaying box set published by West End Games in October 1987, written by Douglas Kaufman. The rules were later adapted for use in the final battle in Scavenger Hunt. Publisher's summary Star Warriors puts you at the controls of the TIE fighters, X-wings, and other starfighters from the Star Wars universe. You'll jink, roll, loop, angle deflectors, dodge lasers, and return fire—pushing your ship and yourself to the limit as you battle to decide the fate of the galaxy! In Star Warriors, you'll find: Data for TIE fighters, TIE interceptors, X-wings, A-wings—and every other major Star Wars starfighter! Detailed but easy to learn rules for snap fire, overturns and other maneuvers—you'll fly starfighters the way Rebel pilots fly them in the movies! Standard, Advanced, and Optional rules—you pick the complexity!

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