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Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Adversaries

Eric Cagle, Michelle Lyons, Michael Mikaelian, Steve Miller, Owen K.C. Stephens, Wil Upchurch
Jun 16, 2004
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Watch your step -- inside this book, you’ll encounter a fully illustrated menagerie of foes to pit against the heroes of the galaxy. Discover nefarious characters, fearsome creatures, lethal droids, and diabolical organizations, any of which could become a true nemesis in your campaign. This sourcebook features: - Over 30 pregenerated villains, both new and noteworthy, including Bossk the Trandoshan bounty hunter and C-3PX the assassin droid - More than 75 alien creatures, many of which first appeared in the Ultimate Alien Anthology but have been updated for the revised rules - New creature templates, including templates for creating Yuuzhan Vong-shaped creatures and Sithspawned creatures - 11 types of droids, including droids from Episode II: Attack of the Clones

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