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Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Tempest Feud

Jeff Grubb, Owen Stephens
Mar 1, 2002
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A virulent plague sweeps over the planet Endregaad, forcing the Corporate Sector Authority to quarantine the stricken world with a planetwide blockade. A mission of mercy and a desperate search lead heroes to the Hutt homeworld, where they discover an even greater scourge spreading throughout the galaxy. This stand-alone adventure is for 9th-level heroes. • Embroils the heroes in various dealings with the Hutts. • Explores several locations across Hutt space, including Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon. • Introduces new Hutt droids and Hutt battle armor. • Features new starships, including one for the heroes--complete with a deckplan. To use this adventure, a Gamemaster also needs the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

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