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Operation: Elrood

John Beyer, Chris Doyle, Anthony Russo
Dec 1, 1996
Artwork by
Storn A. Cook, Christina Wald, Mike Vilardi
Narrated by
Takes place in
In the

Publisher's Summary

Operation: Elrood is a Roleplaying Game adventure written by John Beyer, Chris Doyle and Anthony Russo, published by West End Games in December 1996. The remote Elrood sector is on the brink of a major corporate war! Pirate attacks are destroying cargo fleets and a top Rebel operative has disappeared. As a brave group of rebel operatives delves into the sector's intrigues, the question becomes, "Is the Empire the real enemy?" Forced to ally with a crafty information broker, and hampered by assassins and terrorists, the Rebels are drawn to an Imperial stronghold world. Can they succeed in a desperate mission to cripple the forces of the Empire?

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