Omnibus: Early Victories

Various Authors
Oct 8, 2008
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0 ABY - 1 ABY
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Publisher's Summary

Following the destruction of the first Death Star, Luke Skywalker is the new, unexpected hero of the Rebellion. But the galaxy hasn't been saved yet - Luke and Princess Leia are finding there are many more battles to be fought against Darth Vader and the Empire! This latest Star Wars Omnibus reprints many of the early tales of the Rebellion. Collects: Vader's Quest 1 Vader's Quest 2 Vader's Quest 3 Vader's Quest 4 River of Chaos 1 River of Chaos 2 River of Chaos 3 River of Chaos 4 Splinter of the Mind's Eye 1 Splinter of the Mind's Eye 2 Splinter of the Mind's Eye 3 Splinter of the Mind's Eye 4 Shadow Stalker Tales from Mos Eisley

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