Graphic Novel

Kanan Vol. 2: First Blood (Trade Paperback)

Greg Weisman
May 31, 2016
Artwork by
Pepe Larraz, Andrea Broccardo
Narrated by
Takes place in
22 BBY - 5 BBY
In the
Reign of the Empire
Kanan #7–12

While the first volume starts readers in the midst of the Jedi purge, the second volume of the Kanan comic series stretches farther back to Caleb Dume’s first mission as a padawan under Master Depa Billaba. They fight in the Battle of Mygeeto and encounter the one and only leader of the droid army, General Grievous himself.

In the Star Wars Rebels television show, Kanan speaks highly of his old master and expresses how much he misses her guidance. This second half of the popular comic series backs up what Kanan says in Rebels by showing readers the interaction and companionship between the Padawan and his Master during the Clone Wars.

Publisher's Summary

Continue to explore the early days of Kanan Jarrus, the sensational star of Star Wars Rebels! You've seen Kanan's last adventure as a Padawan, now witness his very first! The boy who was Caleb Dune must find his feet as the Clone Wars rage all around him. When the Jedi Temple comes under attack, what can a mere Padawan do to make a difference? Caleb and his new Master Billaba will take command of their own Clone troop, and lead them into the furious Battle of Mygeeto. But lying in wait for them there are a pair of Separatist Generals, one of whom is one of the most deadly threats in the entire galaxy! Can Caleb and Billaba survive Grievous?

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