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Han Solo's Revenge

Brian Daley
Oct 12, 1979
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Han Solo’s Revenge is Brian Daley’s second offering in the Han Solo Adventures Trilogy. Always on the lookout for the next lucrative gig, Han and Chewie take on a cargo shipment that turns out to be more than they bargained for. After sorting things out, Han goes in search of whoever set him up, seeking to settle the score.

Published in 1980, mere weeks before the release of The Empire Strikes Back, Daley presents another convincing portrayal of everyone’s favorite smuggler. Despite not having as much source material to work with as later writers, Daley managed to give us three books that have aged amazingly well, even in light of all the new material.

Publisher's Summary

For a cool ten thousand credits, Han and Chewbacca will do just about anything—except transport slaves. For one thing, it means an instant death sentence. So when a high-paying cargo shipment turns out to be a consignment of Lurrian slaves, Han and Chewie have to think fast. But Han forms a plan to turn the tables on the slavers and free the captives. Then, good deed accomplished, he scours the skies for the nasty joker who set him up—because revenge can be so sweet.

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